All the Turtlenecks and Long Sleeved Tops to Pair With Your Fave Jeans This Season

There's no doubt that as the leaves turn a Harry Styles approved shade of golden and the morning air feels crisper as the days trundle by, the need for an extra layer increases quicker than a box of Celebrations stays full on Xmas morning.

There’s no doubt that as the leaves turn a Harry Styles approved shade of golden and the morning air feels crisper as the days trundle by, the need for an extra layer increases quicker than a box of Celebrations stays full on Xmas morning. 

If you’re not ready to say goodbye to your summer dresses and midi skirts then look no further, because with the right layering pieces on hand, anything is possible (well, almost anything). Add under band tees or strappy dresses and expand your cool weather wardrobe tenfold by coordinating or mismatching thin knits, turtlenecks or long sleeve tees till your hearts content, all whilst staying smugly warm in the process. And for the days when comfort is the ultimate priority (e.g. every day), chuck a new-in or well loved knit over your favourite summer smock and embrace all things bold and baggy- sometimes you need an entirely shapeless ‘fit and we ain’t judging ya for it. 

Including picks from some of our fave brands including Monki, Boden, Sezane and Reformation, consider your autumnal wardrobe levelled up.

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Berets, Balaclavas, Beanies and All the Headwear In Between to Keep Your Head Toastie This Autumn

In mainstream approved company alongside beanies, baseball caps and bucket hats, the balaclava is a pandemic's accessory dream, covering the mouth (and in some cases nose too) to create the ultimate cosy must-have to chuck in your tote bag throughout the next few months.

Leandra Medine Cohen of Man Repeller (RIP) called and she wants her balaclava back. 2021’s hottest winter (oxymoron of the year) accessory has entered the building and it’s a marmite one to say the least. In mainstream approved company alongside beanies, baseball caps and bucket hats, the balaclava is a pandemic’s accessory dream, covering the mouth (and in some cases nose too) to create the ultimate cosy must-have to chuck in your tote bag throughout the next few months. American outdoor store REI reported a 40% year-on-year spike in sales of this controversial accessory in 2020 alone, proving it’s one to add to basket ASAP if you want to be ahead of the game in adopting this trend for winter.

Conceal greasy hair and one-too-many-wines induced breakouts, all whilst remaining 10/10 snug waiting for the bus, and thank us later when you can laugh in the face of your cold and fashun doubtful pals…

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Every Cute Piece of Loungewear You Need to Binge Netflix in This Autumn

From Future Self to Skims, H&M to Reiss, there's something for neutral, colourful, cosy and breathable loungewear lovers alike, and all there's really left to say is SORRY to your bank balance ...

Sigh- summer is fin, our socialising battery is running seriously low, and as the weather cools, the desire to stay home with a takeaway and Strictly Come Dancing on a Saturday night increases, and we’re kinda not mad about it. Our past lockdown tired selves are quite possibly screaming into the void right now, but turns out getting dressed up every day isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and we’re heading into the new season ready to practice balance, compassion and self-care in giving our bodies what they really need.

Netflix is evidently on the same page, as our ‘to watch’ list is looking seriously juicy lately, and with that comes the need for mood lighting, the perfect snack selection and of course, the comfiest of loungewear for the ultimate relaxation experience. Whilst our collection of elasticated waistband garms increased tenfold in 2020, there’s no harm in giving a little update to these well worn and trusty pieces, and the gems of the high street and our fave online shopping destinations have not disappointed. 

From Future Self to Skims, H&M to Reiss, there’s something for neutral, colourful, cosy and breathable loungewear lovers alike, and all there’s really left to say is SORRY to your bank balance …

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20 Ways to Make the Most of October (Sans Petrol)

If you thought the eight-legged seasonal invasion was the stuff of nightmares (shudder) it’s got nothing on the forecourt fisticuffs unfolding at a BP garage near you.

And just like that, our fuel tanks, social battery and bank balance are all running on empty. Stop the world, we want to get off pls.

If you thought the eight-legged seasonal invasion was the stuff of nightmares (shudder) it’s got nothing on the forecourt fisticuffs unfolding at a BP garage near you. Sure, spiders are scary and everything but have you ever experienced the unique fear of being a sane person genuinely in need of a few pumps of petroleum in autumn 2021? It’s chilling.

Whoever’s running October has had their fun. Let’s get back to the usual Halloween fright night material, shall we? If you can’t beat ‘em, leave them and their jerry cans to it and join us in waiting for this whole thing to blow over. After all, it’s not like we did any walking last year, is it…

Unleash the conkers, serve the false widows their eviction orders and fill up your tank with our sarcasm and good spirit because it’s gonna be a long ol’ hike to the pumpkin patch this fall, folks.

Here are 20 ways to make the most of October (somehow. By some kind of miracle).

1. Find yourself bemoaning the petrol wankers filling up their jerry cans… for their lawnmower. It’s a beautiful day to be license-free by choice.

2. Fortunately, it’s all going to be alright because you exist purely on lowbrow comedy and croissants.

3. Feel protective of Jurgen and his gravity-defying, windmilling excellence on Bake Off.

4. Wonder if you’ll ever know what it feels like to eat one Viennese biscuit. Who are these elite creatures?

5. Have another go at ruining a Tik Tok trend. Can’t stop, won’t stop.

6. Go to incredible lengths to have a distinctly average barely caffeinated seasonal beverage. However thirsty you are, remember your car’s thirstier.

7. Catch up with Joe Goldberg and his sweaty little baseball cap – just a wholesome autumnal watch to bring the pulse down to a calm resting state.

8. Make a wish whenever the clock strikes 11:11. Always respect your angel numbers.

9. Add the entire confectionery aisle to your online food shop. The spooky Soreen and zombie eyeballs won’t eat themselves.

10. Feel personally victimised by spiders. Mating season is over, you hideous randy beasts.

11. Dedicate an entire day to watching #MiriamMargolyesTok. She is soul fuel.

12. Start looking for a Halloween outfit…

13. End up going as sexy witch / sexy cat / Kim K, anyway [delete as appropriate].

14. Upgrade to the iPhone 13. Hollywood in your pocket? They really don’t know the average post-pandemic pocket, do they.

15. Soft launch average girl autumn on your Instagram story. The sleeve of that Frankie Shop dupe jacket here, a pile of leaves there.

16. Realise your toxic trait is buying a new outfit for every event in your life, knowing full well you’re not going to go to any of them.

17. Resist the urge to cuff up. It’s a heated blanket you really want.

18. Take up horse riding lessons – no diesel, no problem.

19. Crank the heating up. You’ve worked hard for this. You deserve to be toasty.

20. Get weirdly into berets again.


5 Hot Takes On Cold Weather Layering

Thin knits, gilets, turtlenecks, trench coats and hoodies, layering is an indecisive dresser's dream, with the option to mix, match and marry up your fave pieces to create a curated cocktail of a look that exudes cool-girl chic.

In the words of Shrek (a one-liner ICON if we ever did see one), ogres have layers, onions have layers, and as it turns out, so do we as soon as the month of October hits and the weather cools enough to warrant a PSL before work every day. It’s called self-care, look it up.

Thin knits, gilets, turtlenecks, trench coats and hoodies, layering is an indecisive dresser’s dream, with the option to mix, match and marry up your fave pieces to create a curated cocktail of a look that exudes cool-girl chic. We’re stepping it up this season as the first autumn since 2019 when socialising is properly on the cards. Embracing trends such as shackets, collared polos, leather trench coats, the humble grandad vest and knitted co-ords galore to really step up the style game, inspire stares in the street and ‘omg where did you get that?’ comments over bottomless brunch.

It’s hard being as much of an autumn style icon as the cast of Gilmore Girls, but someone has to do it!


When it comes to layering as the autumn months roll in, I love the transitional stage where you can still wear something typically “summery” but with a long sleeve t shirt or roll neck underneath and some chunky black boots to activate the autumn. I love a silk slip dress for this, and if you need some extra layering, throwing on a cropped oversized jumper always works well here too!

*ASOS, ASOS DESIGN ultimate turtle neck long sleeve top in white, £12 | *All Saints, HADLEY EPOTO SILK BLEND DRESS, £199 | *All Saints, BILLIE LEATHER BOOTS, £249 | *ASOS, ASOS DESIGN oversized sweatshirt in washed grey, £22


Now I have to say summer is my favourite season for dressing so I’m always a tinyyyy bit upset when the autumn rolls around, but as long as it’s still semi-warm enough for skirts without tights (aka the actual devil) then I can just about manage. I’m obsessed with everything Saturday by Megan Ellaby make and their amazing printed roll necks are a layering dream- if I could have one in every colour I seriously would.

Having said I don’t love cool weather dressing, I do have a bit of a thing for nice jackets and my coat collection is somewhat out of control, however, it doesn’t feature a trench so I feel like this needs to be my next purchase.

H&M, Faux shearling gilet, £19.99 | *I Saw It First, Khaki Maxi Trench Coat With Self Tie Belt, £75 | *ASOS, ASOS DESIGN knitted cami cropped jumper in black, £30 | Saturday, The Janey Blue Tiger Print High Neck Top, £40


I live for autumn dressing! Give me all the layers, coats, knitwear and gilets over summer clothes any day. For between-the-seasons styling, you can still get the wear out of your dresses by layering them up with an oversized blazer or a collarless jacket and boots, then when it starts to get a bit chillier dial up your winter warmers and introduce your belted wrap coats and woolly textures.

*Marks and Spencer, Padded Collarless Puffer Jacket, £55 | *Mango, Textured cotton-blend dress, £69.99 | *Cos, OVERSIZED-FIT BLAZER, £135


One of the best places to shop for layers that is often overlooked is Uniqlo. For me, they’re the OG basics brand and everything I’ve bought from there is always great quality and a really lovely shape. You can never go wrong with a mock neck long sleeve, which is like a turtle neck but not as restrictive and a bit more flattering. This can be worn over a vest and under a flannel or cardigan – which by the way, I think will be bigger than ever this winter.



I’m going for the ‘walking my dog in the countryside’ vibe today. I think a hoodie paired with a gilet is perfect for Autumn and the transition to cooler weather. Especially for someone like me who can be quite warm all the time, so a gilet is a perfect middle-man until the winter coats come out the wardrobe. This green gilet from ASOS is unreal, in my basket ASAP! I’ve paired it with some black leggings (I’m channelling muddy paws) and these chunky knee-high boots which look perfect for stomping around in and can definitely be worn with so many different Autumn/Winter looks.

*ASOS, ASOS DESIGN gilet puffer jacket in green, £38 | *Weekday, Oversized Hoodie, £30 | *Marks and Spencer, High Waisted Leggings, £9.50 | *ASOS, ASOS DESIGN Wide Fit Carla chunky flat boots in black, £40

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We’ve Joined Depop! Shop the Zoella Team’s Wardrobe

With the start of a new season, the team were looking for ways to declutter our wardrobes responsibly and part with the items that no longer spark joy - come through, Depop!

AD in partnership with Depop

No doubt you’re already familiar with the wonderful world of Depop – the Instagram-meets-eBay fashion app changing the way we shop for the better.

Carrying fashion behemoths like Balenciaga and Gucci to the cool-girl brands and faithful high-street names, you can peruse the virtual Depop rails and discover second-hand, vintage and designer gems at the click of a button, and from the comfort of your own couch. Huzzah!

Not only is it considerably more convenient than battling your way through the infamous Zara queues of a weekend, it’s also a more conscious way to get your hands on the labels you love to wear, giving items that are destined for landfill a second lease of life.

Having a clear out no longer requires multiple sweaty trips to the charity shop or organising a car boot at 7am on a Sunday. Whether it’s too big, too small or never worn before with the labels still intact to prove it, selling your once-loved items on Depop is a great hassle-free way to recycle your outfits and give the clothes that already exist in the world their due wear.

Shop the Team Zoella Wardrobe here!

As a platform, Depop operates in much the same way as Instagram, with an incredibly user-friendly interface that makes scrolling for outfits outrageously easy – sleep, eat, Depop, repeat, kinda easy. You can follow your favourite sellers and view their wares in a feed, much like Instagram, with hashtags to help filter your search. Not sure what you’re looking for? You can browse by category, check out the trending ‘what’s hot on Depop’ items and utilise the My DNA function to see personalised recommendations based on your style to save you the legwork.

Alongside its commitment to circular fashion, Depop champions entrepreneurial spirit and has given smaller, independent creators a platform to launch their very own fashion brands, so if you’re in the market for a dress no one else will be wearing, Depop’s got the scoop on one of a kind wares, as well as the up-and-coming names and trends to watch out for.

To set up shop and start selling your garms, all you need is a mobile number, an account name and a PayPal account and you’re good to start listing your lewks. Simply upload your snaps, write an appropriate description to go with your product (you can go as catchy and clickable or as product focused as you like) name your price and build your empire.

With the start of a new season, the team were looking for ways to declutter our wardrobes responsibly and part with the items that no longer spark joy – come through, Depop!

Featuring brands from All Saints to H&M, Zara and Nobody’s Child, you can browse the Team Zoella page and get snapping up some pre-loved ‘fits that didn’t quite get the wear they deserve with us (lockdown really did that).

Click through the gallery below and come and join us over on the app. Got a question about any of our items? Feel free to drop us a PM by clicking the envelope on our shop page. Happy thrifting, fellas!

Charlotte’s Wardrobe

My online shopping habits have been a little intense since socialising became a thing again in 2021 so being able to find on-trend and new clothes at a cheaper price on Depop has been such a lifesaver! I love following my favourite influencers to be one of the first to see when they upload the clothes they no longer wear anymore and have managed to get some absolute steals in the past from doing so. Depop shops and small businesses thriving on the app also have a special place in my heart for helping me find super unique and special items that no one else has, and I love the individuality Depop encourages. 

I’m normally a bit of a hoarder when it comes to selling my own clothes and keep a lot of items ‘just in case’ but I actually feel incredibly free when I finally let something go and leave space in my wardrobe for something new and more ‘me’. It can be hard to part with items that have a sentimental value, but it feels really fulfilling being able to give them a new lease of life with someone new and helps me feel like I’m doing my part in helping clothes have a longer lifespan. 

Lareese’s Wardrobe

I’ve recently rediscovered the magic of Depop after signing up for a personal account years ago. I’m excited to clear some space in the wardrobe, safe in the knowledge that these items will continue on with their journey, passing from person to person just as it should be. 

I’ve still got a lot of love for these clothes, some of which I’ve barely had the chance to wear but in the interest of streamlining the wardrobe for an autumn spruce up, I’m begrudgingly rehoming them, so they’re guaranteed to get the wear they deserve. The leopard print dress from Zara is such an easy dress to throw on with Converse for workwear and layer up with tights, a leather jacket and boots in winter. The H&M check shacket is also a firm fave for in-between-the seasons dressing but with various lookalike prints in my possession (when I like something, I tend to really overdo it), I need to part ways with at least one of them. Depop to the rescue! It feels incredibly satisfying to upload your bits and bobs knowing it’s going to land straight in the hands of someone who will love and enjoy it all over again. Landfill: 0, Planet: 1.

Darcey’s Wardrobe

I’ve been using Depop for a really long time and have always loved it for selling clothes I no longer wear/can fit in! I’m selling a handful of bits which range in price, mainly all of it doesn’t fit me anymore but is such great quality still so deserves a loving home. I find dresses are my worst offenders for wearing once and never again, so I thought I’d list a few of those on here and see if it takes anybody’s fancy!

Danielle’s Wardrobe

I’m a complete Depop novice so I’m really excited to see how the platform operates and start a new secondhand journey with my wardrobe! I’ve always found vintage shopping harder as a size 20, but I’ve already found tons of garments that look great on the app already

I’m selling a few bits I’ve bought new and never worn because they just didn’t suit me, a brand new leopard print peplum top I love and keep thinking it might fit me one day, spoiler alert: it won’t! A light pink silk shirt I’ve loved for a while that I think deserves a new home, and a dress I’ve worn so many times for Christmas and New Year parties that I’m hoping will fund this year’s dress of the season!

Shop the Team Zoella Wardrobe here!


These Boots are Made for Walking: The Best Autumn Footwear Out There RN

Stomp, stomp b*tch, September is here and chunky boots are BACK.

Stomp, stomp b*tch, September is here and chunky boots are BACK. Functional yet stylish, this is one new season purchase you can certainly justify as the weather cools but outfit possibilities heat up for those who love all things layering, jackets and jumpers. From Chelsea Boots to lace ups, Dr Martens to rain boots, having a couple of pairs of go-to styles in your repertoire is v wise now that, unlike last autumn/winter, we can venture out and about to shopping dates, brunch and Christmas markets (less than 100 days to go, people) galore. All we’re saying is you’ve got options, and it would be silly not to make the most of them…

So whether you’re already dreaming of a pumpkin patch or want to pair your boots with bare legs whilst you still can, get scrolling and saving and be sure to thank us later when the rainy days approach (cries).

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Punk-Rock Style Picks Kourtney Kardashian Would 100% Steal From Your Wardrobe

We couldn't be more into Kourtney's PDA fuelled love affair and punk lovin' wardrobe, and can't help but feel like an autumn shopping haul might just be needed ASAP...

Whilst deciding on your favourite Kardashian/Jenner may be the topic of hot debate, the Internet is in agreement that Kourtney Kardashian’s style evolution since dating Blink-182’s Travis Barker is simply chefs kiss. With enough pop-punk influences to make a 2012 Tumblr user click ‘reblog’ in Guinness World Record timing, Kourtney is embracing all things graphic tees, leather trousers, distressed denim and chunky boots, and we truly couldn’t be more obsessed. The flirty hints at an early 2000s wardrobe are nostalgic, youthful and fun, and Kourt’s stylist Dani Michelle has received endless praise from fans about her style 180 and ability to look perfectly matched alongside edgy Barker. 

The couple have established themselves as not only romantically inseparable but intertwined in their aesthetic too, as their grunge galore ‘fits whilst travelling Europe during the past few weeks have earned them icon status amongst Gen Z fans on TikTok and beyond. We couldn’t be more into Kourtney’s PDA fuelled love affair and punk lovin’ wardrobe, and can’t help but feel like an autumn shopping haul might just be needed ASAP…

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Everything We’re Loving From Mango

Mango is the fuss-free Spanish señorita of the high street, looking forever put together with their simple yet trendy effortless pieces.

Perfecto for your fruit salad and autumnal wardrobe (yes we’ve got pumpkin spice on the brain already), Mango is a high street dream for your back to office/uni/smart/casj needs, and this week the team are delving into their fave pieces for the month of September and beyond. And with 79% of their garments already containing sustainable properties (which will be 100% by 2022!), you can both feel and look good whilst choosing your new favourite cool-weather garms.

Mango is the fuss-free Spanish señorita of the high street, looking forever put together with their simple yet trendy (100+ mum points for using the word trendy in 2021) pieces helping you achieve that ‘just rolled out of bed but looking 10/10’ look effortlessly. Think straight leg jeans and a simple white shirt, perfectly oversized blazers and tailored trousers, as well as fun jumpsuits and accessories that add a certain je ne sais quoi to any look. Now that Topshop is no more, Mango might just be taking the lead in offering the perfect balance of timeless and fun under one roof.


I could browse the Mango site all day there is so much I love on there! These were a few bits that I spotted that I’d love to add to my wardrobe. I particularly love the horoscope necklaces, they’re so pretty!

*Mango, Oversized hooded sweater, £59.99 | *Mango, Aries horoscope necklace, £17.99 | *Mango, Flowers knit sweater, £35.99 | *Mango, Printed modal dress, £35.99


I’m a big fan of Mango! Their campaign imagery always makes me want to buy everything. I’ve had to rein it in on my ‘add to cart’ items, especially since they’re just starting to get into Autumncore. Who’d have thought I’d be adding CLOGS to my Weekly Wants but here we are!

*Mango, Oversize leather-effect trench coat, £99.99 | *Mango, Track outsole boots, £59.99 | *Mango, Studded leather clog, £49.99 | *Mango, Pleated suit trousers, £35.99 | *Mango, Chunky knit cardigan, £49.99 | *Mango, Stone seal ring, £12.99


If you didn’t already know Mango has started to offer clothing up to a size 4XL, not the whole range but a good portion of it which is great to see. I decided to pick out a little “back to work outfit” as we start to re-enter the office and in-person meetings. I went with this super wearable bronze and black striped silk shirt, faux leather leggings and a black blazer. These three items can be mixed and matched with tons of other items to bring your wardrobe a formal vibe. I’ve paired all that with a smart handbag I can fit my laptop in, and some classic moccasins – always my autumn shoe of choice before boot season hits!

*Mango, Satin striped shirt, £35.99 | *Mango, Double-breasted blazer, £69.99 | *Mango, Faux leather leggings, £29.99 | *Mango, Geometric design basket bag, £59.99 | *Mango, Buckle leather moccasins, £59.99


We’re heading back to the office next week and I need a new wardrobe STAT. My clothes sizes have considerably increased during lockdown (anyone else relate?) so I need some new smart/casj items to see me through weird weather September and into the autumn season. Mango is great for pieces like this, especially bits like this denim jumpsuit which could easily be dressed up or down to take you from desk to disco as soon as 5pm hits. I’ve been after some leather look trousers for the longest time and these ones look like great quality and a lovely shape so they’re being added to basket ASAP. Finish with some cute tops and light knits and you’re good to go!

*Mango, Zip denim jumpsuit, £59.99 | *Mango, Printed knit sweater, £35.99 | *Mango, Textured printed blouse, £19.99 | *Mango, Leather-effect straight trousers, £35.99


I actually don’t usually shop at Mango much, however, I feel this is going to change now they have a plus range! As a size 18 in bottoms, I find it so hard to get jeans which fit nicely, so I’m excited to try some of their jeans out! They go to a size 26 too which is fantastic and way more inclusive which I love. Anyone else itching to buy a new winter coat too? Cause same! Their classic trench and leather trench are so nice, definitely on my wish-list.

*Mango, Classic cotton trench coat, £79.99 | *Mango, Leather-effect jacket with belt, £79.99 | *Mango, Ribbed sweater with zip, £19.99 | *Mango, Wide leg high waist jeans, £35.99


I have a bit of an issue with stores that have whole new lines for plus size, I way prefer the women’s shop but they only go up to a 16 so have to shop in plus size. Why can’t they just make all garments size-inclusive? Anyway, given that I’m limited, I would choose these cute dung’s with a simple tee and some sandals for a nice ‘cocktails on the beach’ kind of day

*Mango, Denim buttons pichi, £29.99 | *Mango, Raffia braided sandals, £49.99 | *Mango, Contrast chest-pocket T-shirt, £15.99 | *Mango, Flap pebbled bag, £17.99 | *Mango, Hoop earrings, £29.99

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13 Questions With Courtney Quinn

Queen of Colour, Courtney is taking over NYC one beautiful outfit at a time. We caught up with her to find out what it takes to be a fashion blogger across the pond, and how we can all add a bit more colour to our own wardrobes!

First off, how are you and how is your 2021 going?

Going well for the most part! Coming off a weird year for everyone, just hoping things get brighter for everyone! But I can’t complain! 

Can you tell us about your career online and how it all began?

So my career online started after I had received my MBA at 21! I moved to NYC with the hopes of getting hired in fashion and it just wasn’t happening. I looked older on my resume because of my degrees at a young age and it was working against me. I was blogging as a creative outlet so I started doing it more seriously, then eventually took my MBA off my resume, added my blog & got my first job!!! A few years in, my blog was a full-time job of its own so I choose to keep blogging & growing my online career and leave my dream corporate job behind

We love your devotion to colour, can you tell us about your relationship with it?

My mom was an interior designer, who wore all Black but we had a lot of color in our home! So I was always wearing it as a kid. When I got older, I thought I had to wear Black to be chic and fit in. So I started trying to make myself blend in. Eventually, I realized color is tied to confidence, Sometimes you feel like you have to wear Black or basic things to blend in and not be seen. But everyone deserves to be seen if they want to, and color can help! Now I try to inspire others to be confident & colorful because I think the two are tied. 

Did you always want to work within fashion, was it something you pursued in school?

Yes & no! I always wanted to work in fashion but I didn’t go to school for it! I went for marketing mostly among other things! That is one reason I had trouble getting a job in the industry! But I think things worked out the way they were supposed to

Where are you from in the US and what led you to New York?

I grew up in Arizona! It was a nice place to grow up but not a lot of culture or color. I did my MBA in San Francisco, up in northern California & moved to New York after! I always pictured myself in NYC and tried to go to school there but didn’t get in. I grew up watching NYC based shows and plastering photos around my wall, knowing one day I would end up there but not quite sure how. When school in New York didn’t work out, I had to find another way to get there eventually and I did! Sometimes your first plan isn’t your real path but you’ll end up where you need to be

Can you tell us some of the best places to visit in New York for those seeking colour?

NYC is quite colorful but you have to look for it! There are pop-ups or installs like the “color factory” that provide immersive experiences painted in color. But you can also find a lot of color in the west village, Soho or walking around. Brooklyn has a ton of colorful murals waiting for you to shoot in front of, and you can find more nature-based color in places like Central Park !

What’s your best advice for someone wanting to add colour to their wardrobe?

Start with an accessory! Instead of buying a new brown purse, go for a pop of color! It will force some color in your wardrobe without committing to a full look! If buying something new isn’t an option, a colorful lip or makeup look is another great way to start!

What are you currently working on?

So many things I can’t talk about but mostly product-based collaborations that will come out next year! I just finished my first project back at Disneyland since it’s been closed and we’re launching a few things for creators here on @colormecourtney as well as a podcast! I’m focusing more on youtube & creating video content. And in my free time, I mentor Black creators because I want more of us to exist in the space!

What are some of your other favourite accounts to inspire you on Instagram?


What does your perfect weekend look like?

Oh, I like to get ahead on my to-do list so my work week is lighter! If the world is back to normal, a broadway show and a dinner out is always something I look forward to! I like spending time with my fiancé & my dog of course, and meeting “cuties” (my followers) in the wild is always really fun for me!

What do you always carry with you?

Lipstick, sunscreen, portable phone charger, hand sanitiser & a mask! Internally? Confidence, positivity & the desire to leave things better than I found them

What would your last ever meal be?

Probably lobster Mac & cheese!!! But I also love a good pretzel! 

What is one positive piece of advice you could give to our audience?

Find your insecurity, that thing that makes you weird or different & use it as your superpower! I’ve done it with my hair, lips, & hips! I’ve built a brand around things I used to hate about myself and it was the best way to get over that fear, to turn the thing I used to hide into something I celebrate!! 

Follow @Colormecourtney on Instagram here!

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