50 Dates to Take Yourself On If You’re Single This Cuffing Season

If you’re entering cuffing season with no plans to couple up for the foreseeable, bookmark this post for when your weekend calendar is looking dry, or you fancy treating yourself to an activity or moment outside of your normal routine, no matter big or small. 

Let’s face it, there’s never a bad time to focus your energy inward and offer yourself up a slice of self-love, but as the inevitable relationship soft launches make their way onto Instagram this cosy season with an elbow here and a tattooed hand there, prioritising yourself may feel even more necessary than usual…

Spoiler: you don’t need a romantic partner to enjoy date-like activities. There are no pastimes or pleasures exclusively available to those in relationships. 

You are no less deserving of special, memorable moments because you are doing them alone, and there are endless ways you can honour your desires when you take time to actively prioritise ‘you’! It may not come naturally to carve out time for yourself that feels full of indulgent joy, but you are deserving of love whether you believe it or not, and we’re here to remind you of that.  

If you’re entering cuffing season with no plans to couple up for the foreseeable, bookmark this post for when your weekend calendar is looking dry, or you fancy treating yourself to an activity or moment outside of your normal routine, no matter big or small. 

  1. Head to Waterstones and treat yourself to a new book before tucking into a chapter or two in their cafe with a slice of cake. You don’t choose the grandma life, the grandma life chooses you…
  1. Pick up a supermarket pizza base and create your perfect dinner for a fraction of the price of a Domino’s. There’s a cost of living crisis and feeling good need not cost the world.
  1. Book a massage and treat yourself to an hour of pure uninterrupted ‘you’ time. Self-care isn’t always bubbles and face masks, except sometimes it is.
  1. Brunch is calling- there’s little that a portion of French Toast and an Oat Latte can’t heal, and a morning of introspection and time to yourself makes for the perfect start to your day.
  1. You don’t need company to enjoy a drink at your favourite bar- that will be a Sauvignon Blanc and a bowl of olives for one, merci!
  1. Be a tourist in your own town and explore the hidden gems you normally pass by. Think charity shops off the beaten track, the cute cafe with the menu you’ve admired on Instagram for months, and the florist with the beautiful bouquets you can never normally justify purchasing. 
  1. Take yourself to the theatre to see a show you’ve never heard of and enjoy an overpriced glass of Prosecco whilst you’re at it.  
  1. Treat yourself to a crisp new notebook or take your old favourite out for sake of tradition and finish a walk in nature by answering a series of self-love journal prompts that really get you thinking. Go to Pinterest for inspo!  
  1. Have a ‘my favourite things’ day and pack in as many joyful moments as possible doing the things you love for your pleasure only! 
  1. Fancy splashing the cash? Take yourself away for a night to a nearby town you love or explore somewhere new before enjoying a full 9 hours sleep in a heavenly hotel bed before enjoying an entire basket of pastries. It’s called self-care, look it up!
  1. Prepare a charcuterie board with a minimum of 4 different types of cheeses before devouring it in bed whilst completing a New Girl marathon. Try not to regret the inevitable cracker remnants that will linger in your sheets afterwards. 
  1. Seeking some main character energy? Head to an art gallery or museum and admire an exhibition that leaves you feeling truly inspired.  
  1. Listen, a date with your favourite sex toy literally never disappoints, just saying.
  1. Plan a digital detox day or weekend and lean in to truly spending time with yourself without distraction.
  1. Book onto a hot yoga class and 1) feel warm without having to put your own heating on and 2) soak in those delicious post exercise feelings that simply cannot be beaten. 
  1. Go to the cinema to see Don’t Worry Darling and enjoy 2 hours of Harry Styles on the big screen. Therapy right there.
  1. Head out in time for sunset with a banging playlist and lap up the beauty that is mother nature at her best.
  1. Showing yourself love might mean doing the things past ‘you’ have avoided, and a brain dump on a blank page might be just what you need to carve out some clarity and peace in your life.
  1. Find a local National Trust park or property you haven’t visited before and explore some history and heritage, accompanied by a visit to the cafe (obvs). 
  1. Head to TikTok and find a cocktail recipe that makes you drool through the screen, before sipping away with a dreamy album in the background. We recommend Midnights by Taylor Swift anytime after 21st October. 
  1. Not brave enough for an IRL comedy show alone? Head to Netflix and find something sure to make your face hurt from laughing whilst wearing your comfiest loungewear, obviously. 
  1. Go to a local farmers market and treat yourself to some chutney/cheese/wine/baked goods that feel way more indulgent than your usual supermarket shop- sometimes retail therapy is better than real therapy. 
  1. Book yourself in for a mani/pedi, because life might not always be rosy, but it definitely feels better when your gel polish is looking 10/10. 
  1. Food is often the way to the heart, and loving yourself is no different! Head to the supermarket and grab the ingredients for your favourite starter, main course and dessert before preparing your ultimate candle-lit dinner for one. A garlic pizza bread all to yourself sounds like a win-win to us. 
  1. Take yourself on a hike and channel your inner LA influencer. 
  1. Find a local lido or calm area of water for an outdoor swim and soak in the peace that comes with cold water exposure. 
  1. Get nostalgic and watch your favourite childhood film or TV show, with the appropriate trimmings, aka chicken nuggets, potato smileys and baked beans. It has to be done. 
  1. Enjoy a jazz playlist on Spotify whilst baking something delicious (but not too challenging) and feel like you’re winning at this whole romanticising your life thing. 
  1. Get yourself down to Lush and grab the most indulgent bubble bar you can find before dimming the lights and breathing in the sweet relief of pure relaxation.  
  1. Feeling spontaneous? A new piercing or tiny tattoo could just be the most fun (albeit permanent) self-dating idea for those who aren’t afraid of commitment … or pain. 
  1. Paint and sip evenings are taking over TikTok as the latest wholesome AF activity to help you spend some quality time off your phone. Grab some watercolours and a glass of your favourite beverage and channel your inner Monet for some serious tactile relaxation. 
  1. Go through your phone and print off all the photos you’ve been meaning to immortalise in physical form before filling a new photo album or scrapbook with your favourite memories of the year so far.  Don’t forget to leave space at the end for the gems that are sure to come from the festive season!
  1. Hit up the best thrifting spots in your area and reap the rewards of finding one-of-a-kind items that add a certain je ne sais quoi to your wardrobe. 
  1. Summer may be behind us, but a day spent outside is still on the cards- just remember your layers! Find a pretty botanical or walled garden and enjoy the benefits that come with spending time in nature and a welcome dose of fresh air. 
  1. If a French minibreak isn’t on the cards, consider bringing the magic of the land of wine and cheese into your home. Press play on a perfectly Parisian playlist, enjoy a generous portion of French onion soup before hunkering down in front of Ratatouille for good measure. Bon appétit!
  1. Listen to Olivia Rodrigo’s SOUR on from start to finish whilst quietly moseying around your home, marvelling in the peace that can be found in time alone and the perfection of a no-skip album. 
  1. Pay a visit to a nearby flower market and live out your most Pinterest worthy morning IRL. 
  1. Find a local puppy yoga class and decide it’s now an essential part of your self-care routine. 
  1. Watch your favourite band or artist on YouTube and enjoy the magic of live music without the overpriced venue drinks. 
  1. Self-dates don’t always have to be evening affairs- why not start your day with a serving of ‘me-time’ and grab a takeaway smoothie or juice before embarking on a Hot Girl Walk for a serious dose of motivation to see you through the day. 
  1. Book in at that boujee hair salon that will undoubtedly take up a giant chunk of your paycheck but will be totally worth it when you see your new fun and fresh honey blonde highlights in the reflection. 
  1. Find an independent magazine shop and enjoy the simple pleasure that is flicking through copy after copy of beautifully curated photography and art direction in each- plus the smell of freshly printed pages cannot be beaten.  
  1. Visit a photobooth and start a tradition of taking a yearly solo shot before writing a quote or lesson you’re currently living by on the back to revisit next year.  
  1. Take yourself to a pottery painting workshop and create a unique ceramic item you’ll treasure for years to come. 
  1. Got that one space or room in your house that never really got finished? Commit to creating a space that feels truly *you* and treat yourself to a Homesense or Zara Home spree that means you can finally complete your ‘still needs attention’ space. A solo shopping trip possesses magical qualities. 
  1. Head to the stables for a horse riding lesson or hack that lets you leave the struggles of your day-to-day behind, and perhaps even discover a hobby that becomes part of your regular routine. It’s never too late to be a beginner! 
  1. Blast your favourite playlist and head for a drive to nowhere in particular, but undoubtedly feel better for it afterwards. 
  1. If you’re living a life sans pet, call up your friends/colleagues/family members and borrow a willing pooch to take for an autumn beach walk that ends with a decadent hot chocolate for you and delicious puppuccino for them. 
  1. Make a list of things you’ve achieved in the past year and take a moment to reflect on how far you’ve come. You’re doing great, bestie!  
  1. Book a long weekend cabin getaway and use it as an excuse to unplug, catch up on sleep, eat comfort food and race through the books that have been sitting on your ‘to-read’ pile for months. It’s got digital detox written all over it.