20 Ways to Live Your Best August Life, À La Taylor Swift

Raise a glass to August, here’s to golden hour, iced everything, strawberries in season, strappy dresses, outdoor swimming, beachy reads and lounging in the sun like a spoiled cat.

We’re officially eight months into the year- how did that happen?! As August arrives and summer slips through our fingers by the day, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed at the prospect of ticking off all of your summer bucket list in less than 31 days. As stressful as it may feel to balance rest and wellness with the neverending feeling of FOMO in the warm weather, we’re here to remind you that it’s okay to slow down and that living your ‘best life’ means something different to everyone. 

So kick back, relax and raise a glass to August- here’s to golden hour, iced everything, strawberries in season, strappy dresses, outdoor swimming, beachy reads and lounging in the sun like a spoiled cat. It’s a great time to be alive! 

  1. Spend 48 hours in rainbow face paint, glitter and a feather boa celebrating Brighton Pride and the joy that is love in all its forms! 
  1. Countdown to the final Bank Holiday of the year whilst acknowledging that nothing will compare to the iconic Platty Joobs- Thursday and Friday bank holidays will forever be elite.
  1. Drink all the Jalapeño Rosé and consider it the greatest invention since sliced bread.  
  1. Lap up Leo season by celebrating the birthdays of the fiercest, most loyal and attention-seeking people in your life. If that’s you, enjoy your time to thrive, lioness! 
  1. Head to a PYO Strawberry patch and 1) buy enough strawbs for 30 pitchers of Pimm’s and 2) take an excessive amount of photos in the hopes of getting a new summer pic for your Hinge profile. 
  1. Rent a GoBoat in London and cruise along Regent’s Canal with an excessive amount of picnic food whilst trying not to crash into innocent barge dwellers along the way. We cannot be held responsible for what happens on the water.   
  1. Celebrate National Watermelon Day on the 3rd of August – any excuse to make fruity cocktails and listen to Watermelon Sugar on repeat- it’s what Harry would want. 
  1. Wonder how many times is too many times to see Where The Crawdads Sing before your local Odeon employees start to know you on a first-name basis. In all seriousness though, Taylor John Smith is quite mesmerising. 
  1. Start watching House of The Dragon– the Game of Thrones prequel- and prepare to be sucked back into the world of the Targaryen family (albeit 200 years prior to those we know now) all over again.
  1. Add approximately 50% of the Beach Reads to See You Through Your Live, Laugh, Love Summer to your Amazon wishlist ahead of the rest of hot book summer. 
  1. Hang out at Reading and Leeds/Wilderness/All Points East and spend a weekend enjoying a lineup of your favourite music, not showering, exclusively eating carbs and accepting your bloodstream is 99% beer. 
  1. Do a tour of every lido in the local vicinity in any attempt to cool down. Desperate times.  
  1. Yo yo between the new Lizzo and Beyoncé albums and feel like a 10/10 bad b*tch at all times. 
  1. Go for an aesthetic picnic and cut a cake with a wine glass because some things from 2020 are worth keeping. 
  1. Bookmark SkyScanner and look at flights to Sorrento on a daily basis in the hopes of a last-minute Amalfi Coast getaway. 
  1. Dance the day and night away at Notting Hill and rack up 20,000 steps in a mere few hours.
  1. Squeeze in as many sea swims as possible and channel your inner Wim Hof. 
  1. Listen to August by Taylor Swift. That’s it, that’s the tweet.
  1. Find an outdoor cinema and lap up the long evenings and light jacket weather whilst you still can. All hail summertime socialising!   
  1. Eat picky bits for dinner every day and wonder if your oven even still works.