50 Thoughts & Feelings We Had Whilst Watching Stranger Things Season 4, Volume II

Volume II of the iconic 80s sci-fi thriller dropped on 1st July, and it’s safe to say, it was touch and go as to whether or not we made it through in one piece. So let’s debrief!

Stranger Things fans, do you copy? Volume II of the iconic 80s sci-fi thriller dropped on 1st July, and it’s safe to say, it was touch and go as to whether or not we made it through in one piece. Did anyone else consider writing a strongly worded email to the Duffer Brothers after *that* scene with the bats? The stuff of heartbreak.

Volume II’s running time came in at a total of 4 hours 5 minutes across two bumper episodes, but despite its length, the desperate moments of the Hawkins gang attempting to defeat Vecna for good likely still left you craving more. Finishing on a nail-biting cliffhanger, moments after Hopper, Joyce, Murray and the kids were reunited, it’s clear that Hawkins is still in grave danger, and the wait for Season 5 to find out who of our faves will survive is the dictionary definition of intense.

So let’s debrief. Here are 50 thoughts Team Zoella had whilst devouring  Season 4, Volume II of Stranger Things. Spoilers included, read at your own risk…

  1. Nancy, we don’t mean to be rude, but that’s a push door, you can open it without breaking the wooden bars off.
  2. Hands up who also wants Steve Harrington to cup their face like that. *Raises hand*
  3. Did anyone else not skip the intro purely to hear the iconic soundtrack?
  4. Episode 8 is called Papa so we can only imagine it’s going to be incredibly difficult to watch.
  5. Demogorgons never get less scary do they?
  6. Whatever TF is happening in this prison is the stuff of nightmares.
  7. Having said that, Joyce is getting to hang with Murray, Hopper and Enzo whilst planning their escape … we wouldn’t mind trading places.  
  8. Eleven getting her powers back- anyone else feeling like a proud mum?
  9. Broken.
  10. The only word apt in describing the van scene with Mike and Will.
  12. “When you’re different, sometimes you feel like a mistake”. Sobbing, that’s all.
  13. Papa you’re a manipulative piece of sh*t and we do not stan.
  14. Nancy telling the group what she saw in the Upside Down is not really giving good vibes, is it?
  15. On the plus side, The Hawkins-in-Russia-gang are FREE. On the downside, Yuri is still incredibly annoying. 
  16. Eddie casually saying “Don’t ya big boy?” to Steve as the crew casually steal an actual motorhome is the quote of the season.
  17. The character arc of Steve Harrington from Season 1 till now is really quite remarkable. 
  18. First Steve and Nancy having a heart-to-heart, now Lucas and Max- the vibes are impeccable in this motorhome.
  19. Erica leading the gang into a store called War Zone whilst their entire worlds are falling apart is boss bitch behaviour if we ever did see it.
  20. Jason really is a slimy piece of work isn’t he.
  21. Manifesting a happy ending for Robin and Vickie.
  22. Sorry but HOW strong was the weed that Argyle smoked because it is simply not possible that he is still high.
  23. Dr Owens, we love you. 
  24. Eddie and Dustin are the most iconic duo of the season, period. 
  25. Closely followed by Robin and Steve, as per usual. 
  26. RIP Papa, you will not be missed.
  27. *That* helicopter scene- go Ell!
  28. Okay we’re still mad at Mike after his response to Will in the van but we have to admit the Mileven reunion was kinda cute.
  29. The goodbye with Papa was sweet, but here’s to not forgiving those who don’t deserve it.
  30. What is it with this Russian church and its obscure collection of t-shirts?
  32. The kiss!!!!! 
  33. We love, love!
  34. Surfer Boy Pizza actually looks pretty lit.
  35. Purple palm tree delight you say …
  36. Steve confessing his feelings for Nancy has us weeping- you deserve happiness, Harrington.
  37. Jonathan coming through with the brotherly advice and support for Will- about damn time, sir!
  38. Everyone deserves a bestie looking out for them like Ell looks out for Max.
  39. Eddie Munson playing guitar. That’s it, that’s the tweet.
  40. Iconique.
  41. Jason we don’t mean to be rude but you’re ruining everything.
  42. Vecna can you give it a rest for once in your life!
  43. Murary setting the Demogorgon on fire with a flamethrower and Hopper finishing the job by beheading it with a sword, we love to see it! 
  44. The bats. Eddie. Dustin. No, no, no. 
  45. “I didn’t run away this time” STOP IT.
  46. Max. There are no words.
  47. ‘Two days later’- sorry, what? 
  48. The LA gang meets the Russian gang meets the Hawkins gang, FINALLY.
  49. Hopper and Ell 4EVER.
  50. Hawkins, it’s not over yet.