Stop What You’re Doing and Read This Very Important Ranking of M&S Percy Pigs

With the introduction of potato pigs, fruit juice and ice cream in the Percy fam, as well as his milestone dirty 30 birthday next month, we thought it an appropriate (read: urgent) use of our time to compile a definitive ranking.

Be it their exquisite bakery section, top-tier meal deal choices or iconic Colin The Caterpillar birthday cake, it’s safe to say the M&S food hall has us in a chokehold, and we’re not mad about it. The latest in their viral moments taking TikTok by storm: the ever-growing collection of Percy Pig paraphernalia filling Marks and Spencer shelves everywhere, and inspiring pig-filled hauls countrywide. They say you have one great love in your lifetime, and let it be known ours is Sir Percy Pig. 

With the introduction of potato pigs, fruit juice and ice cream in the Percy fam, as well as his milestone dirty 30 birthday next month, we thought it an appropriate (read: urgent) use of our time to compile a definitive ranking of the elite to the ignore-worthy Percy products so you have all the necessary information to make an informed purchase next time you stop by M&S. It’s a hard job but someone’s gotta do it…

Whilst we’re here, we may as well get in early: Happy birthday Percy, mate. Thanks for making us happier than a pig in mud. Here’s to the next 30 years of being a hoofed legend. 

M&S OG Percy Pigs


The classic, the OG, the gold standard, the unbeatable don’t-mess-with-me hoofed hero. At this point, it’s unclear what’s so iconic about the original PP but there’s simply nothing quite like them on the market. The fruity flavour that isn’t too artificial combined with the different textures of the face and ears make him one of the best confectionaries for car journeys and beyond. Getting a full house of top scores from all, the much-loved OG Percy Pig sweets are made with real fruit juice, no artificial colours or flavourings and were frankly delicious as always. Never change, Percy. 

M&S Percy Pig Fruity Chews


Shaped like the cherished Percy Pig in miniature size, these adorable fruit-flavoured chewy sweets come in a variety of colours and flavours. Collectively described by the team as “nice but nothing special”, the Fruity Chews are perhaps a great option if you’re seeking some variety in your snack repertoire, but we’re gonna be honest, they don’t slap like the original Percy.  

M&S Percy Pig Goes Globetrotting Fruit Gums


Percy’s on vacay! These soft fruit flavoured gums are made without gelatine and shaped like the beloved Percy Pig, alongside other animals from across the globe, including mango flavoured tigers and blackcurrant-flavoured pandas- cute! The vibes and textures may be the same, but can you beat Percy’s original flavour? The Globetrotting format is super fun for the summer and perfect for car journeys at the start of your own holiday adventure, all the flavours didn’t blow us away, but it was nice to mix Percy in with a bit of variation!

M&S Percy Pig Party Time Fruit Gums


Colour lovers rejoice, Percy’s embracing maximalism! Made with real fruit juice, this celebration fruit flavoured gums are shaped like Percy Pigs but with a colourful twist and the result is truly beautiful. Foamy and fluffy as a cloud in texture, the rainbow-coloured pigs that fill this bag are a joy to snaffle from start to finish. Maintaining the original flavour Percy is known and loved for, party Percy is indeed one you can rely on for a good time. 

M&S Percy Pig Phizzy Chew Fruit Gums 


Another showstopper, these soft and delicious fruit flavoured fizzy chewy sweets are shaped like the cherished Percy Pig but in miniature size. With a variety of colours and flavours inside, and a fizzy tang to finish off, opt for Percy’s Phizzy Chews if it’s a crowd pleaser you’re seeking. Chewier than your classic PP and with a variety of flavours, there’s something different, tangy and delicious for everyone. 

M&S Percy Pig Phizzy Pigtails 


Soft and delicious sour fruit flavoured gums shaped like pigtails (adorable) and finished with a coating of sugar, these real fruit juice phizzy pigtails are a certified hit. The variation of shape, addition of sugar coating and the perfect balance of sweet and sour combine to make the pigtails a moreish treat the team were reaching back for more of again and again. Haribo Tangfastics fans, this one’s for you. 

M&S Percy Pig Fruit Juice Drink


Mixed reviews here for Percy’s juice, if you’re looking for blended PP then you’ll likely be disappointed, but if you’re happy with a refreshing fruity drink in a cute AF juice box, you’ll definitely be satisfied. The grape, raspberry and apple juice drink is delicious, and will no doubt make the perfect addition to picnics, BBQs and your pig-themed party this summer- you never know. With our main man Percy front and centre on the box, it would be rude to say no…

M&S Percy Pig Ice Cream 


Say hello to creamy vanilla ice cream, raspberry ripple swirl and a Percy-Pig flavoured centre topped with marshmallows- your late-night snack choices just got an upgrade. Delicious served alone, or as part of a Percy-tastic sundae finished with fresh berries and Percy sweets, the velvety smooth vanilla ice cream was of particular note when devouring a bowl full of this freezer delight. The strawberry segment received less positive reviews, but on the whole the fruity sauce, soft marshmallows and ultra-creamy ice cream were the perfect combination for a summer treat you’ll come back to again and again.   

M&S Percy Pig Dessert Sauce 


The Percy Pig dessert sauce is “packed full of all the flavours of our signature Percy sweets, with a mix of raspberry, strawberry, cherry and grape”, this sauce is perfect for adding to ice cream, cupcakes, pancakes, milkshakes and more. Team Zoella think this is definitely one for the kids who prefer a sweeter sauce as it was a little bit too sweet for us! Definitely, a fun addition if you’re having an ice cream night and your little’uns will probably love.

Percy Pig Sponge Roll 


Pig afternoon tea anyone? Despite being a beautiful addition to the Percy range and a delight to serve at any birthday party or summer soiree, the Percy sponge roll was our least favourite product of the PP range. Described as “everything you could want from a sweet cake treat, but with Percy’s unmistakable twist of all things pink and delicious”, Team Zoella we’re not as convinced by Percy’s take on the classic, maybe we’re just old-fashioned! Whilst the cake had a nice consistency and the buttercream was smooth as could be, the sugar rush was real. Maybe reserve this one for kids’ parties only (as long as you’re not the ones looking after them!) 

Percy Pig Potato Shapes


The only savoury addition in the Percy range, these fluffy potatoes are lightly fried and shaped into adorable Percy Pig faces, fitting somewhere between a potato smiley and hash brown. Sounds like perfection. Despite being cooked for longer than the recommended time, the potatoes remained a little doughy in the centre despite a golden, crispy exterior. Irrespective of requiring a little more substance to hold their piggy shape, the interior was creamy and almost of a mashed potato consistency. Simply add some ketchup on the side and consider your newest lazy day snack sorted.