‘No Makeup, Makeup’ You Say? Our First Impressions of Jones Road by Bobbi Brown

From the glow-giving Shimmer Face Oil to the hugely hyped Miracle Balm and the Lip and Cheek Stick, keep reading to read the team’s first impressions of the Jones Road collection. 

The brief is no makeup, makeup and Bobbi Brown understood the assignment. We’d expect nothing less from the woman who pretty much invented the movement. 

Enter Jones Road, a tightly-edited range of uncomplicated makeup products designed for every age, skin type and skin tone by renowned makeup artist and entrepreneur Bobbi Brown. 

This is the beauty mogul’s first foray back into cosmetics since leaving her self-titled brand in 2016 and you bet, she’s come back with the goods. Supercharged with a lifetime of beauty expertise and designed with a pared-back approach to cosmetics, the clean, high-grade formulations deliver a modern ‘no-makeup makeup’ finish, ideal for anyone looking to simplify their everyday routine.  

Developed for both ease of use and performance, Jones Road products are strategic staples made from a combination of natural ingredients and synthetics that have been vetted for safety and effectiveness. Bobbi’s clean ethos means that all Jones Road products adhere to even more stringent standards than those set by the European Union, eliminating over 2,700 potentially toxic ingredients, including parabens, phthalates, sulfates, PEGs, cyclic silicones, BPA, and EDTA.

I created my original brand in the 90s. Things are different today. Women shop differently; there is a new definition of what beauty is. Imperfect is beautiful. Jones Road celebrates that. It’s the ultimate no-makeup makeup.

Bobbi Brown

Cool, clean, no-makeup makeup that feels as good as it looks and champions real skin? *So, this is love*

From the glow-giving Shimmer Face Oil to the hugely hyped Miracle Balm and the Lip and Cheek Stick, keep reading to read the team’s first impressions of the Jones Road collection. 

Lareese says…

Barely-there makeup will forever have me in a chokehold so there was only one way this was going to go. Let’s be real! As someone with fair, thin, crepe-like skin (haha, I do like myself sometimes I swear), I gravitate towards glow-giving, breathable formulas that enhance rather than hide my real skin, so the Jones Road collection is right up my street.

The Shimmer Oil was first on my list of things to try from the collection and it did not disappoint. For the sake of transparency, I’m wearing nothing on my skin but the Shimmer Face Oil in the shade Pink Opal and the Lip and Cheek Stick in the shade Rosy Brown in these photos – no foundation, concealer or even moisturiser as I wanted to really put its ‘no makeup, makeup’ powers to the test and wear it how I would IRL. Honestly, it’s like bare-faced but better. Bare-faced but with a side of health and good light karma. I went in with three pumps of the Shimmer Oil but two is more than enough, as I am giving just-did-a-park-run here but I love that glass skin finish, so the dewier the better IMO. It also looks a lot dewier than it feels on the skin (in a good way), I thought it felt quite dry on the back of my hands when testing but when I smothered it on my face it absorbed beautifully and felt weightless on the skin. It’s perfect for days when you don’t want to bother with makeup but want something to boost your complexion and give you that ‘Clean Girl’ aesthetic. I then used a few dabs of the Lip and Cheek stick on the apples of my cheeks and across my lips. The creamy formula is great if you’re wary of blush as it’s super buildable and natural, with a just-enough pigment that creates that ‘fresh air’ glow. Think granny’s just pinched your cheeks. I’m so impressed by the collection so far and can’t wait to see what other products Bobbi adds to the ever-growing collection. Consider me a Jones Road stan from here on out!

Danielle says…

I tried out the Jones Road Shimmer Face Oil in the shade Cool Rose. As my complexion leans a little pinker I was worried this would bring this out more and I usually stick to more bronzey products but I was still looking forward to giving this a go. I love that this product has so many different uses, and it’s kind of up to you how you want to apply it, which is a trend you can see a lot more of these days, instead of buying 10 different things for different areas, like using your lipstick as a blush. I decided I wanted to apply this under my foundation to give me that “glowing from within” look!

I was a bit apprehensive about the fact this is called an oil and the texture of the product came out quite runny however when I applied it to my face it was much creamier than oily. I’ll admit that using the product alone all over my face gave me a bit of a tin man vibe, but I trusted the process and as soon as I put a bit of foundation over top I was glowing in the best possible way! After I applied my full face I put a touch more on my cheekbones to bring them out a bit and I was really pleased with the results! I think this product would be lovely used sparingly on its own after showering in the summer months (especially on holiday) and I also think it would be gorgeous on your shoulders and collar bones for an event.

Maddie says…

I am a big Bobbi Brown fan, who isn’t?! She’s a legend. Since selling her business, the whole industry has been waiting for her next move and Jones Road has certainly made waves already (if TikTok is anything to go by anyway).

I tried the lip and cheek stick in the colour tawny nude as I’m always drawn to a quick multi-purpose product. Like the majority of the products within this range, it’s designed to be very lightweight but buildable and leaves a lovely natural wash of colour. I’d definitely need to try more to give a full review but I think if her history is anything to go by coupled with the ethos of the brand, Jones Road will be a huge success.

Charlotte says…

I haven’t tried much Bobbi Brown make-up in my time but I’ve seen so much hype around Jones Road on TikTok (particularly that foundation video) that I was really excited to give it a whirl. ‘Clean’ beauty and make-up looks are having a real moment right now (another TikTok hole I’ve ended up down), and with JR branded as ‘cool, clean, make-up’ it feels like they’re really on the money with tapping into that trend.

The first product I tried was the The Shimmer Face Oil in the shade Bronze which is described as “subtle glow in a bottle”- yes please! Although it looks super pigmented when it comes out, it blended into my skin really easily and gave the perfect glow for summer. To me this product would be perfect for summer holidays, when you’re getting ready for dinner in the evenings and you want something super lightweight and wearable that makes your skin look truly radiant. I love these makeup–skin care hybrid products, and the Shimmer Face Oil is blended with 9 nourishing oils that gave my skin a lovely boost of moisture without feeling heavy.

Next up I tried the Hippie Stick which is a “universal balm that melts onto face, body, hair”. I very irresponsibly got quite sunburnt the other day after sitting on the beach for a couple of hours, and despite how uncomfortable this was it actually made for the perfect opportunity to use this product! It has a super large circumference so was actually ideal for going over the worst areas on my legs, and really did add a buttery, moisturised feeling to my skin. This is the perfect product to throw in your bag for a trip as I feel like there’s so many uses for it and it left my skin feeling lovely and hydrated afterwards. An essential in the summer months after days in the sun when skin is feeling tight!

Darcey says…

Jones Road really radiates cool energy! Off the bat, I am obsessed with the packaging and the aesthetic of the brand overall. Clean beauty seems to be having a real moment and tbh i’m here for it.

I tried out The Shimmer Face Oil in the shade Bronze, I used to wear a liquid highlighter way back at university under my foundation, I used a Nars one and it really did up the foundation look. It just gave the foundation a dewier look in my opinion with a soft glow. I tried this Shimmer Face Oil under my usual everyday makeup and really love the look, it definitely gave my face an extra glow which looked especially flawless in the sunshine. However, as a super oily gal, my makeup was sliding off my face by the end of the day. This is a ‘me problem’ not a product problem, but just a heads up for any other oily people out there thinking of giving this a go! I think in future I’ll use it on no makeup days to highlight and add a bit of dimension to my face.

I also gave the Cool Gloss in Gold Shimmer a whirl and I really love this a lot. It feels super moisturising and not sticky AT ALL. The gold shimmer gives your lips a lovely sparkle, but not too much that you are giving year 6 disco (although I am slightly feeling those vibes anyway). The shimmer seemed to almost absorb into my lips in the end, leaving them looking plump and soft. Would recommend!