15 HairTok Videos To Bookmark For Days When You Want To Add a Little *Spice* 

We’re rounding up 15 dreamy ‘must recreate immediately’ hairstyles that we instantly added to our saved folder and will be seeing us through a summer of bottomless brunches, festivals and mini-breaks galore.

Does anyone else feel like they should be paying rent to TikTok because it’s basically home at this point? *Raises hand*. From potato recipes that have us convinced it’s surely the only food group we need in our diet, to book recommendations that have us crying, laughing and just about every emotion in between, there’s simply nothing the app can’t provide in the way of entertainment, education and recommendations you may even trust more than Google…

Latest on Team Zoella’s FYP: HairTok. Doing pretty much what it says on the tin, HairTok is the corner of the app where you’ll find content surrounding all things heatless hair styling, DIY colour tips, festival styling and maybe even some dodgy fringe cuts thrown into the mix for good measure too. 

Courtesy of the side of HairTok we trust, today we’re rounding up 15 dreamy ‘must recreate immediately’ hairstyles that we instantly added to our saved folder and will be seeing us through a summer of bottomless brunches, festivals and mini-breaks galore.

A hairstyle that takes less than a minute to perfect? Sold! Claw clips have had a major resurgence in 2022 and if you’re seeking a new way to get some use out of a no doubt ever growing collection, look no further than this tutorial. Easy to achieve and getting your hair out of your face whilst still looking stylish AF, consider this your new go-to… 

Another that even the most inexperienced hair stylists amongst us should be able to nail, if you’ve got knowledge of a simple plait, you’re good to go. A fun variation of a classic ponytail, this look is perfect for in-between hair wash days and times when feeling comfortable is the number one priority. Got an important deadline coming up? Get that hair off your face and serve Parisian chic with this look.  

5 braid styles in one video, these easy yet elevated ways to style existing braids are perfect for warm summer days and adding a certain je ne se quois to your look. Which are you trying first?

Does anyone else get flashbacks to 2020 at the sight of curtain bangs and hair rollers? *Shivers*. If you can put the lockdown memories out of your mind then this style is one to save for the short hair girlies looking for new ways to style their more limited locks. Sleek, glam and sexy- tick! 

Another style where all you need is knowledge of a basic braid, this half up, half down look is perfect for later in your hair wash cycle when your hair isn’t feeling its freshest and needs a little helping hand. Grab some small elastics next time you’re in Boots to help achieve the neatest plaits! 

Long haired ladies, this one’s for you. If you’re partial to emulating Rachel Green’s ‘90s ‘fits then let us introduce the most ‘90s hairstyle of all. Medusa but make it chic, all this look needs is a black slip dress, red lip and a date at the fanciest cocktail bar in town for you to feel a million bucks! 

Who doesn’t love a hairstyle that looks far more impressive than it actually was to create?! *Raises hand*. This braided updo is the perfect style to bookmark for summer weddings, Pinterest inspired picnics and for all the cottagecore lovers who plan to spend the next 3 months frolicking through nature in floral smock dresses. 

If you’re in a time crunch (always) but need to look effortlessly put together, this simple braided look will always have your back. For a little extra volume, plait your entire head of hair whilst still damp before bed and undo the next day for super cute crimped locks.

Another one for the claw clip lovers, this style was made for long days at the beach, sundrenched skin, hot afternoons that draw into warm evenings in a haze of salty hair and skin. Cute on both long and short hair, it’s giving Pinterest IRL. 

The first look in this video is giving the ultimate 2022 Clean Girl aesthetic, whilst also letting its ‘90s influences shine through. Ideal for times when you want your outfit or make-up to do the talking, this simple updo is so chic you can guarantee it will never go out of style. 


Had to recreate @melissafrusco curly hairstyle! This looked so good on her! What do you guys think? #curlyhairtutorial #curlyhairstyle #curlyhair

♬ STAY – The Kid LAROI & Justin Bieber

Curly girls, this one’s for you. Complete in under 5 minutes, this style is perfect for days when you want to show off your gorgeous curls whilst still getting the majority of hair out of your face. Would also look cute finished as a bun!  

Glasto called, it wants its festival styling back. Whether you plan to live it up at Latitude or scream along to ‘good 4 u’ at Olivia Rodrigo’s gig in Brixton this summer, this super nostalgic bubble ponytail look screams Gen Z cool. Get yourself down to Claire’s for a selection of adorable butterfly clips and consider this your go-to style of the season. 


Been doing this hairstyle on my daughter and I a lot 😍 #hairtutorial #braids

♬ Still Don’t Know My Name – Labrinth

Faux thickness? We’re sold. This two layer pony adds some serious length and the appearance of thickness, making it perfect for days when low maintenance but high impact is the aim. Save for an airport style that will leave you looking hot to trot as soon as you touch down. 


I love going from my stick straight hair to this volume! My haircut yesterday helped SO much so shoutout to @hairby_maddyp 🤍 FrunktheBeat #hairstyle #goodmorning #hairtutorial #hairtok #hairstyleinspo✨ #crimpertutorial #curlyhairtutorial #fyp #fypシ #grwm #getreadywithme

♬ original sound – __blastfromthepast__

The perfect beachy waves don’t exi … never mind. This look might require two different heated tools, but who said perfection was easy? Beautifully undone and proof that the prettiest styles don’t have to require waist length hair, this look is one we’ll be attempting to recreate, stat! 


to my curly girls.. do this hairstyle when you are tired of your regular wash and go! It’s so cute 🥰 #curlyhair #hairstyle #fyp

♬ Stuck In The Middle – Tai Verdes

Side fringe, but make it cool. This easy breezy, half up half down look is a simple way to switch things up if you’re someone that’s loyal to a classic middle part, adding a new option to your weekly rotation of styles, and taking less than 5 minutes to perfect!