26 Small & Curated Ear Piercings to Bookmark This Summer

We’ve rounded up 26 deliciously delicate and striking earscape designs to inspire your summer piercing appointments.

Earscaping: The combined art and science of decorating one’s ear with personalised piercings and earrings, resulting in a form of extreme self-expression. [Studs]

If you were curious about the latest jewellery trends, may we point you in the direction of earscaping, also known as curated ear-piercing design. With a ‘more is more’ approach, earscaping is about curating a selection of earrings that can span lobe, cartilage, rook and any other pierceable location to create a striking, statement design that’s completely personalised to the ear in question- they’re all different don’t you know! 

The size, shape and intricacies of each ear will determine how many piercings look best, whether you opt for studs or hoops and how your personal style weaves into your jewellery choices, which may sound complicated, but earscaping specialists at spots like Astrid and Miyu and Maria Tash are on hand to advise you before you commit need to skin. We’ve rounded up 26 deliciously delicate and striking earscape designs to inspire your summer piercing appointments, adding a certain je ne sais quoi to your look and guaranteeing compliments galore. You’re welcome! 

1. A celestial slay if we ever did see one. 

2. Wondering how many piercings we can book at once to recreate this beauty?

3. Brb we’re still channelling Bridgerton, and what about it?

4. It’s giving chainmail chic.

5. Summertime dreaming.

6. When you say how many is too many, we say the limit does not exist. 

7. XOXO, Gossip Girl. 

8. Spoiler: three doesn’t have to be a crowd. 

9. A+ for execution of this stylish AF earscape design. 

10. Adding one of every colour to basket …

11. One word: dripping.

12. Itty bitty beautiful. 

13. Starry eyed for this silver trio. 

14. Who says you can’t mix metals?!

15. If minimalism was an earscape…

16. Because diamonds are a girl’s best friend after all. 

17. Golden by Harry Styles IRL. 

18. Hoop happiness.

19. A beautiful bridal inspired trio. 

20. If it was possible to have an ear crush, this would be it…

21. Heart eye emojis x100. 

22. Little and large aka a contrasting dream.  

23. It’s giving Taylor Swift’s Reputation era in the best way. 

24. Curated ear PORN.

25. Small in size, big in impact.

26. Sometimes, more is more!