5 Outfit Ideas For Every Type of Concert This Summer

From standalone gigs to weekend festivals, live music is well and truly back this summer, and Team Zoella couldn't be more happy about it.

The lights go down, the crowd screams and suddenly nothing else matters.
Up there with stepping off a plane and feeling the heat hit your face, live music is arguably one of life’s biggest pleasures, transporting you to a time and place where you can truly be yourself and forget the daily grind for a few hours- total bliss! 

From standalone gigs to weekend festivals, live music is well and truly back this summer, and Team Zoella couldn’t be more happy about it. This month we’re sharing the outfits we’ve been eagerly planning as we count down to the events that make our hearts swell, because if your spare time isn’t spent daydreaming about if Harry Styles will spot your 10/10 outfit in the crowd, you’re doing it wrong…

Charlotte – Harry Styles Love on Tour

Harry Styles Love On Tour is in fact going to be my personality trait for the entirety of the summer months and I ain’t sorry about it. I’m doing 3 shows in the space of 4 days next month and let’s just say the outfit planning is intense right now. For this look I’ve gone for something relatively comfortable but that still screams Harry, and I’m really feeling it- imagine dancing to Music For a Sushi Restaurant in this?! UGH I’m excited. Trousers are always a good shout for a show practicality wise, and I feel like 99% of the audience are going to be wearing cowboy boots which I once again am more than happy to get on board with. Finish with some face gems (because if you can’t be extra when seeing Harry Styles, when can you), and a little bag for a portable charger, lip gloss and money for merch and voila, ready to rock!

Darcey – Mighty Hoopla Festival

I’m going to the Mighty Hoopla next Friday so it felt only natural to put together an outfit for this event! I am going to be graced with the presence of Steps, Anastacia and Cascada, sorry what?! This calls for a good outfit. I’ve gone with a beautiful purple satin slip dress from UO because I also wanted to buy something I could wear again, I’ve styled it with some frilly socks (it’s giving year 6 disco and I love it) and some platform converse. Accessory wise I found some flower earrings also on UO which I think would be super fun with the look and then bag wise I’m going bumbag of course, need something practical for all the dancing and running around from stage to stage.

Lareese – Adele at Hyde Park

Did I get tickets? No. Am I a bitter Daydreamer? Alexa, play Cry Your Heart Out. I was meant to see her in 2017 but missed out when she had to cancel her last two Wembley shows, so it seems I’m just not destined to experience the euphoria that is hearing Delly in real life. Woe. Is. Me. I might be sat at home sulking in July but mentally, I’ll be at Hyde Park in my summer best, comprising of this gathered midi dress. I’d team it with an oversized blazer (this is England after all), flat sandals for comfort, sunnies and a croc baguette bag for another pop of green.

Danielle – Little Mix Tour

I didn’t get tickets to this year’s Little Mix final tour but they’ve been on my bucket list of people to see FOREVER. I’ve been lapping up the fan cam content, so putting this outfit together of what I would have worn was both brilliant and heartbreaking! Kicking off with a white t-shirt under this super cute lilac satin dress, I believe this Motel dress has gone “viral on TikTok” as you can tie it round the back so it fits you better. Oversized denim jackets are always a vibe especially in the summer and this one from Arket looks like it goes with everything. White sandals on the feet but I also think white trainers would work great too, especially if you’re travelling on foot to the venue. Finish the whole thing off with a pop of colour in the form of this lime green handbag.

Maddie – SkyBar Festival

Sky Bar is the ultimate seaside festival hosted in the most picturesque spots on the southwest coast. This is where beach chic comes into its own, so the outfit possibilities are endless. A Sky Bar evening can go from a magical sunset moment sipping cocktails to cutting shapes on the epic dance floors pretty quickly, so your outfit needs to go from day to night in seconds. I’ve picked a really cute gingham dress which I would pair with a little white denim jacket. For festivals I’m all about comfort so you can’t go wrong with some classic white converse, but I would add a few anklets which always give a nod to the holiday vibes. Throw on some retro sunnies and a tiny bag and you’re good to go, just don’t forget your sun cream!

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