Pastel Season Has Arrived! 50 Spring-Ready Manicures to Inspire Your Next Set

Because gorgeous girls match their manicures to the seasons, we’ve handpicked 50 Spring nail art ideas that understood the assignment loud and clear. You’re welcome! 

The first day of Spring is just around the corner – seriously, it’s been winter for 84 years – and if you’re anything like us, you’ll be itching to take a hoover to your coats and jumpers as you vacuum pack them away for another six months (here’s hoping) and banish them to the loft. 

It’s time to reunite with your strappy camis and Teva sandals and prepare to shed ya former sad girl autumn winter personalities in favour of warmer weather, lighter layers and carefree hot girl spring vibes. 

And because gorgeous girls match their manicures to the seasons, we’ve handpicked 50 Spring nail art ideas that understood the assignment loud and clear. You’re welcome! 

1. We’ll take a mini egg mani and nothing less. 

Via @naileditbeauty

2. Pastels for Spring, groundbreaking (but it is though) 

Via @naileditbeauty

3. POV: you’re a Disney villain. 

Via @bw.nails_

4. The pastel tip vibes are immaculate. 

Via @Nailsbyyagel

5. *Cries in Spring*

Via @Nailsbyyagel

6. Gorgeous, gorgeous girls get a different design on every nail. 

Via @nails.bab

7. One with Spring and Summer appeal.  

Via @allnailss._

8. The shade of the season. 

Via @allnailss._

9. Glossy hits different.

Via @bysarah____

10. Holiday mani, completed it. 

Via @nailsbyyagal

11. Just missing an obligatory Margarita. 

Via @gelsbybry

12. Big rainbow energy. 

Via @gelsbybry

13. Is it even Spring if you’re not wearing daisies on everything?

Via @pressedbycharlotte_

14. This is your outfit for today. 

Via @joelyoceannails

15. A moment of silence for this colour combo. 

Via @nailsbyheathere

16. Want something suitably floral? Try these hand-painted Takashi Murakami inspired flowers. 

Via @nuka.nails

17. She understood the assignment.

Via @illustrated_nails

18. Glitter and waves? *Subscribes immediately*

Via @nailsfordais

19. A major Spring mood. 

Via @illustrated_nails

20. It’s giving Starbursts. 

Via @nailartbychlo

21. Manifesting a March heatwave. 

Via @manisbyannie

22. Swirl nails. Sign us up!

Via @tori.nailedit

23. Squiggles and a nude base. Stunning. 

Via @nailsbyyagalstudio

24. You are the vitamin d. 

Via @nailsby_gxx

25. Bridgerton season 2. Let’s go!

Via @staceymachin

26.  Extra is a personality type.  

Via @clawsbysandy

27. A hot Spring take on frenchies. Here for it. 

Via @luvlynailsss

28. Cool pastels to elevate your everyday neutrals. 

Via @vwnails_

29. Nature is the brief. 

Via @vwnails_

30. The shape, the simplicity, the monochrome. They’re a triple threat.

Via @vwnails_

31. A pastel ombre dream.

Via @blush_nailsbytan

32. Goddess mode: activated.

Via @brontesnailsandbeauty

33. It’s the application for us.

Via @blush_nailsbytan

34 It’s all about the Spring swirls. 

Via @nailsbynicole.__

35 Alexa, play Frank Ocean – Pink & White. 

Via @nailsbynicole.__

36. This blue set = god tier. 


37. Micro florals for the beautiful wallflowers of the world.  


38. Tapered square nails with fresh white tips. 

Via @sosweetnails_

39. Pink and red isn’t just for Galentine’s. 

Via @hardasnails_studio

40. Go bright or go home.

Via @hardasnails_studio

41. Queen Melanie can do no wrong. She is the OG manicure extraordinaire.

Via @overglowedit

42. A solid Spring palette. 

Via @overglowedit

43. Sunshine in a mani. 

Via @manikur.brighton

44. Spring equinox isn’t ready. 

Via @manikur.brighton

45. Loving him was red. 

Via @gels.bytia

46 Eyes on the prize. 

Via @the_nail_studio

47. All power to the flower. 

Via @dixie_plates

48. A happy mood right at your fingertips. 

Via @nailpolishsociety

49. Pov: you’ve just discovered the goblincore aesthetic. 

Via @nailsxsonia

50. Mani Monday made. 

Via @blingjewelry

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