Enrolling at Euphoria High: The Beauty and Fashion Picks You Need To Look The Part

It's term time at Euphoria High, and if you plan on enrolling you better strap in for the ride ...

It’s term time at Euphoria High, and if you plan on enrolling you better strap in for the ride …

HBO’s hit coming of age show Euphoria is currently returning for its second season, after turning heads and sparking conversations everywhere when it debuted back in 2019, and if there’s one thing we’re obsessed with as much as the dreamy cast it’s their iconic wardrobe design. Heidi Bivens, journalist-turned-stylist-turned-costume designer, is behind the visual identity of each character’s wardrobe, and as a result has inspired trends Gen Z seriously can’t get enough of- think cut-out flares, pastel tracksuits and vintage style low rise jeans. The differentiation between each character’s deeply emotional journey’s and ever-changing identities are perfectly conveyed through their outfit choices each episode, and if you can bank on one cultural moment impacting 2022 fashion for the masses, it’s Bivens and Euphoria.

Pair this with the now iconic make-up direction by MUA and genius behind the Euphoria looks, Doniella Davy, and you’ve got a perfect storm of unique and exciting character identity’s everyone wants a slice of. Think face gems, wet-look lids, glitter lined eyes and understated skin and you’ll be well on your way to fitting right in with Rue, Cassie, Maddy and the gang.

If you want to jump on the trends everyone is pining for, keep scrolling and get adding to basket…

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