Is Food Your Love Language? Add These 10 Vegan Bloggers To Your ‘Following’ List Now

If the start of 2022 and the plentiful vegan launches popping up everywhere from McDonald's to Aldi wet your palette for a very vegan 2022 then look no further for some everyday inspo to extend your eagerness into February and beyond!

A plant-based diet can be for life, not just for January, so if the start of 2022 and the plentiful vegan launches popping up everywhere from McDonald’s to Aldi wet your palette for a very vegan 2022 then look no further for some everyday inspo to extend your eagerness into February and beyond! The content we consume on a daily basis no doubt has an impact on our lifestyle and influences everything from the new albums we head straight to Spotify to digest ASAP to the likeness of being either in or out of the Worlde gang (iykyk).

The lesson to be learnt: filling your feed with the vegan foodie fiends making plant-based life look easy is one easy step you can take, wherever you are on your journey to enjoying vegan alternatives or fully cutting animal products from your diet. Be it for daily inspiration or a reminder that you’re on the right track, here are a selection of our favourite vegan accounts to follow on Instagram that will have you salivating in a click…


Follow Abby on Instagram here!

If the adorable teacup Chihuahua ‘Miso’ wasn’t reason enough to follow Abby, her mixture of healthy and indulgent vegan recipes certainly will be. Whether you’re worried you’ll never replace a beef lasagna or that life wouldn’t be the same without an authentic Thai chicken curry in your life, Abby is here to prove anything you can make, she can make vegan. With notable shoutouts going to her creamy spaghetti carbonara with “This Isn’t Bacon” pieces and mouth watering Biscoff French toast roll ups (*chefs kiss* in an image), ingredients and method are mentioned there and then in the caption meaning you don’t even need to leave the app! If vegan-ifying the rest of your lifestyle is on the cards too, head to her Story Highlights for a rundown of the best cruelty free and vegan formulas in the world of beauty too. 


Follow Vegan Bowls here!

With 3.1 million followers and claims of being the #1 Plant Based Community on Instagram, Vegan Bowls is the go-to destination for colourful, healthy and delicious recipes that will have you heading straight for the veg aisle. Combining and reposting recipes from the best vegan food creators around, it’s the perfect destination to head to when inspiration is low and hunger levels high. With highlights including Garlic “Honey” Tofu, Shredded Chick’n and Smashed Black Bean Quesadillas and Vegan French Onion Soup, you’ll have breakfast, lunches and dinners sorted for years to come. Explore even more plant-based recipes on their website, or purchase the Vegan Bowls physical cookbook for inspiration at your fingertips. 


Follow Accidentally Vegan here!

For those hoping not to venture too far from their normal shopping habits then look no further than Accidentally Vegan, bringing you the cupboard and fridge essentials free of animal products that you might not suspect as vegan! Everything from Oreos to Walkers Prawn Cocktail crisps, Jus-Rol Pain au chocolates to Betty Crocker cake mixes are accidentally free of dairy, gelatine and meat, and are safe for vegan snack lovers everywhere. The page has branched out since its initial launch of sharing these unsuspecting products specifically and is now a go-to for all things new vegan launches and nationwide restaurant menu additions- if there’s a development in the plant-based world you best believe Accidentally Vegan will know about it. 


Follow Rachel here!

With a website, Instagram, E-book and YouTube channel under her belt, you won’t be short of inspiration with Rachel’s content under your belt, helping you create tasty, nourishing and creative vegan meals, whether you’re a dab hand at this plant-based thing or are completely new to the world of vegan cooking. Self-taught cook and recipe developer, Rachel’s content focuses on wholesome plant-based meals including traditional Ghanaian dishes such as Jollof rice and plantain, and perhaps more familiar dishes of pistachio pesto pasta with marinated olives. Head to her Instagram Highlights for restaurant and eating out recommendations too, and digest some of Rachel’s knowledge and delicious recipes. 


Follow Clare here!

Heading to the Big Smoke and in need of restaurant recommendations? Clare of The Little London Vegan has you covered. Previously the Chief Vegan Officer at Papa John’s, and anti food waste advocate, Clare shares the best of the best vegan menus and dishes in the country’s capital, with her colourful images and drool-worthy Reels making a weekend in London all the more appealing. Her delectably detailed captions mean there’s no guesswork involved when it comes to making a booking you know will go down a treat for vegans and meat eaters alike, because when plant-based looks this good, who needs more?!


Follow Fat Gay Vegan here!

Author, columnist for Vegan Life Magazine and all round hoot and a half on Instagram, Sean O’Callaghan aka Fat Gay Vegan has been sharing plant-based food, restaraunt and pop-up recommendations since 2010. Passionate about promoting the benefits of a vegan lifestyle from an ethical and “not a health trend” standpoint, his approach to ditching animal products is passionate yet kind, leading the way in showing life as a vegan as vibrant and franky delicious too. And if travelling as a vegan ever crossed your mind as an issue, Sean is here to prove you wrong. His role as Curator for Vegan Culinary Cruises sees him create unique trip interiaries designed for vegan and vegan-curious travellers looking to enjoy a 100% plant-based adventure holiday pairing exploration and delicious vegan cuisine. Who else is sold on the US National Parks Adventure in May?


Follow Georgia here!

Queen of everyday, realistic and accessible vegan meal and snack ideas, Georgia aka Vegan Pixie is a go-to for anyone starting out in their journey with veganism and looking for easy switches that mean life can go on as usual. A mixture of home cooking, new launch reviews and a realistic look at eating vegan whilst away from home in her Story Highlights, Georgia’s page is perfect for students or those looking for simple ideas to switch up their weekly menu. With recipes including vegan duck bao buns and trying out restaurants such as Vurger Co and PieMinister (a Sunday lunch dream), look no further for everyday inspiration!


Follow Amber here!

As much as food is a huge part of a vegan lifestyle, it isn’t the only thing you’ll need to shake up if you’re looking to fully commit to a life in which no animals are harmed. Introducing: Amber of @amberthevegan. Her feel-good and beautifully colourful Instagram account is a one-stop-shop for anyone ready to reinvent their lifestyle from the basics up, featuring skincare must-have, beauty salon recommendations, and make-up tutorials as well as delicious food inspo including cinnamon waffles and satay noodles- need we say more?!


Follow The Burger Dude here!

For those who claim leaving behind burgers wouldn’t be worth the sacrifice, we dare you to scroll Watson’s page for a mere 10 seconds and then come back to us. Vegan since March 2018, he’s been busy veganizing his favourite dishes one recipe at a time, which is no mean feat given by his own admission he was a big consumer of meat and dairy products before researching our food systems and the animal agriculture industry. Watson’s Instagram and website prove you can still have burgers, mac n’ cheese, fried chick’n and any other kind of comfort food with plant-based ingredients, with his slick looking imagery making every image an instant ‘save for later’. We’ll be dreaming of his Honey BBQ Chicken Strip Sandwich for the foreseeable…


Follow Max here!

With one million followers to his name, Max La Manna’s Instagram is the place to go if you ever find yourself feeling bored of your usual weekday dinners or in need of a new found motivation to shop and cook vegan. The low waste chef and climate activist has had an impressive career so far, with just one of his many accolades including the publishing of his cookbook More Plants Less Waste which focuses on discovering a stronger purpose in the kitchen and helping both the planet and the animals we know and love. Through his viral recipe videos and work with BBC Earth and beyond, Max has inspired followers across the world to “rethink their approach to food consumption and made it his mission to breathe new life into our leftovers that are typically destined for the bin” and we couldn’t love him more for it.