50 Budget-Friendly Date Night Ideas For New Beau to Long Term Lover

Spoiler alert: love need not be expensive! Some of the most touching, meaningful and romantic gestures come free of cost, because really all that matters on February 14th.

The month of lurve is nearly upon us, and getting your perfect date secured and in the diary with your new beau or long term lover is of top priority as we finally shake the January blues. And spoiler alert: love need not be expensive! Some of the most touching, meaningful and romantic gestures come free of cost, because really all that matters on February 14th and beyond is spending time with the person who makes you feel most ‘you’. Turn the heat up with a sensual life drawing class guaranteed to add some spice to your weekend, or keep things PG and wholesome with a first date to the art exhibition you’ve been wanting to see for ages. Whichever direction you choose, breaking the bank is not on the agenda here! 

And if you’re entering the new month single, there’s no need to aggressively exit this tab at the first mention of romance. February can also be the time to celebrate yourself and the things that you love about you most, as well as spending time with the platonic pals who make your heart sing- your ride or die besties who have your back through it all. In the words of Hugh Grant, “If you look for it, I’ve got a sneaky feeling you’ll find that love actually is all around.” 

Keep reading for 50 of the best budget-friendly date ideas perfect to spark romance or guarantee an excellent time with your Galentine of choice. You’re welcome! 

  • Take a bottle of bubbly to the beach or park, pop it against a dreamy sunset backdrop and feel like a Pinterest cliche.
  • Write a heartfelt love letter together by candlelight.
  • Make pancakes for Sunday brunch complete with kitsch tablecloth, all the toppings and a deliriously happy weekend playlist. 
  • Build a blanket fort, featuring fresh bedding, cushion, fairy lights and the comfort film of your relationship.
  • Order from a new takeaway restaurant and pick out dishes for each other.
  • Head to a museum, enjoy a new exhibition and buy each other a present from the gift shop.
  • Head to a puppy or cat cafe together and feel your heart explode from the cuteness in every direction. New phone screensaver, secured. 
  • Pick up some canvases, paints and brushes and organise an evening of living room art therapy, a la Bob Ross.
  • Get your walking boots on and complete a local hike, ending with a well deserved pub lunch. Bonus points if you don’t argue whilst someone reads the map wrong.
  • Organise a wine and cheese night and imagine you’re holidaying in the South of France- we can dream, eh?
  • Head to a nearby drive-in cinema and smooch over some popcorn and pick n mix.
  • Drive out of town and stargaze under a blanket with no light pollution in sight.
  •  Find an affordable Airbnb within an hour from home, skip the stress of a long journey and enjoy the charms of your local area.
  • Take a dance class and feel the heat as you tango and give Rose and Giovanni a run for their money. 
  • Go wine tasting or for a brewery tour and feel giddy and loved up as soon as the tipsy feeling hits.
  • Find a local comedy show or improv night and laugh until your cheeks hurt.
  • Head to a nearby food market and grab a freshly cooked lunch from local sellers.
  • Make homemade face masks, pick up some massage oils and whack on some zen rain sounds and boom, at-home spa, completed it.
  • Organise a day out together and leave your phones at home, or switched off in your bag. Head for lunch, a walk and drinks and truly enjoy each other’s company sans distractions. 
  • Hire city bikes, pick a destination and finish your journey with a celebratory sweet treat!
  • Head to a second hand book store and pick out a new read for each other.
  • Recreate your favourite restaurant meal at home! Save on your bill and splurge on a delicious wine or M&S dessert.
  • While away an afternoon in a board game cafe.
  • Do some life drawing except you’re each other’s models. Oi oi *Adele voice*
  • Take on a pub quiz and combine your knowledge to thrash the competition…
  • … Or turn on each other and play a very competitive game of mini golf in which the winner gets to pick the plans for the rest of the day.
  • Grab some last minute theatre tickets and enjoy the magic of the stage, no matter how bad the seats are.
  • Attend a gig of an artist neither of you have heard of and dance the night away regardless. 
  • It may be February but it’s never too early for an ice cream date. A 99 on the beach or a knickerbocker glory at a nearby diner is wholesome date goals.
  • Watch Normal People and get approximately 30 minutes in before retreating to the bedroom…
  • Find an underground or secret bar and try a cocktail you’ve never had before.
  • Get a tarot reading and try not to freak out if it suggests a big life change is coming your way…
  • Head to your local roller skating arena or ice rink and spend the whole time holding each other up because it’s harder than it looks!
  •  If you’re feeling brave, get matching tiny tattoos with your long term lover and bask in the joy of a partner willing to commit.
  •  Binge watch Modern Love and feel all the gratitude for how lovely it is to be loved.
  • Eat breakfast in bed together and live out the ultimate wholesome couple goals.
  • Visit a planetarium and channel a love story as vibrant as Mia and Seb from La La Land.
  • Listen to both your favourite albums from start to finish and watch as the other person comes alive.
  • Eat *the* meatballs at IKEA and pretend you live in your favourite faux homes together.
  • Head to a ball pit bar and laugh until your stomach hurts.
  • Go to paint your own pottery and create a lasting memory (and ceramic item!) to keep forever.
  • Book a yoga class together and relax to the max.
  • Create a couples bucket list and vision board to manifest a dream 2022 together.
  • Bake something delicious and make use of the excess icing, if you know what we mean …
  • Kiss in the kitchen like it’s a dancefloor a la Harry Styles.
  • Head to a local football match and reignite the Euros 2021 flame because life has been downhill ever since. 
  • Make pasta from scratch and cheers to your accomplishment over a bottle of Italian wine.
  • Wakey wakey, is there anything more romantic than a dramatic sunrise and a thermos flask of hot chocolate? Grab your layers and start your day off feeling all the gratitude.
  • Active couple? Go for a run and rack up those endorphins babyyy.
  • Go for afternoon tea and live the Bridgerton dream. Reach for a spoon to take things up a notch.