Christmas at Home with Fearne Cotton

From what she wears on the big day to her festive beverage of choice and the decorations she depends upon year after year, here’s how Christmas goes down at Fearne Cotton’s house!

As a best-selling Author, Mother and Broadcaster, Fearne Cotton is the very definition of the multi-hyphenate woman and someone who has no shortage of accolades to her name.

Undoubtedly, one of her biggest life achievements is her commitment to raising awareness for mental health and speaking about it in a way that feels safe, free from judgement and refreshingly normal, often drawing on her own experiences to help dismantle the stigma.

If you tune into her weekly podcast Happy Place, you’ll be familiar with these open, honest and often moving conversations. On each episode, Fearne chats to a plethora of brilliant guests from Russell Brand to Wim Hof and Miriam Margolyes (our personal favourite episode to date. Very sweary, very good, very Miriam) about the highs and lows of life and where they find that all-important sense of inner happiness and peace.

If there’s one thing we know about Fearne, it’s that her happy place just so happens to be her home, which is why we thought she’d be the perfect guest for our ‘Christmas At Home With’ series – a weekly gig in which we chat all things festive with some of our favourite famous faces!

At this time of year, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the festivities and the infectious pace of the holidays, so much so that you forget to claim space for yourself and embrace the true meaning of the Christmas spirit. Cue slobbing about in your PJs all day or getting outside for a family walk but most importantly, being kind to yourself and your mental health.

From what she wears on the big day to her festive beverage of choice and the decorations she depends upon year after year, here’s how Christmas goes down at Fearne Cotton’s house!

Favourite Family Tradition…

Watching the kids opening their stockings. They get in bed with us and then excitedly open up their stockings to see what Santa has delivered. 

The most delicious thing to cook…

Little spicy Christmas cookies.

Christmas tipple of choice…

I love to make cocktails on Christmas day. I don’t follow a recipe, I just go with the flow but it usually ends up with pomegranate involved as that feels festive. 

Something you’re hoping to receive…

I way prefer the giving bit but I could do with some new slippers.

Decoration you’ve had the longest…

I’ve still got some of those dough decorations that I made as a kid back in ye olden days. I’m not even sure how they’re still held together. 

Where you’ll be spending Christmas this year…

I will be at our house with my mum and dad and brother and Mums dog Wilma and my brother in law Tyrone and his dog Papaya. 

Favourite part of Christmas…

The fact that you can drink a cocktail before lunch, lay around watching TV, eat a meal like it’s a proper ceremony. I like that the day is more of a ritual rather than just a random day to race through. 

The time you eat your Christmas Lunch…

Usually about 2 pm. I don’t do it too late otherwise the kids are ravenous!

Christmas Eve plans…

I love having a big family walk on Christmas eve. It feels like a really exciting day.

Christmas day attire…

I am very much in my PJs until 10/11 am and then I’ll pop on something with sequins. My mum comes down for breakfast in sequins. She would not be seen dead in her pj’s. She also has full Christmas make-up from the get-go! 

Christmas TV special you’re most excited about…

 I ALWAYS watch the holiday in the lead-up. I have seen it so many times and never ever get bored of it 

Favourite Christmas Song…

Maria Carey All I want For Christmas or Coldplay Christmas Lights!

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Emily Foxall

This is my new favourite series ❤️🎄

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