20 Reasons to Celebrate Being Single This Christmas

Whilst Kate Winslet's character in The Holiday implies that being single at Christmas is worse than realising someone else has polished off your turkey/stuffing leftovers, in reality, December as a singleton can actually be quite magical. Hear us out...

Whilst Kate Winslet’s character in The Holiday implies that being single at Christmas is worse than realising someone else has polished off your turkey/stuffing leftovers, in reality, December as a singleton can actually be quite magical. Hear us out…

Society as a whole is intent on pushing the narrative that everything is better in twos, and whilst there are of course so many beautiful moments to be had when you’re in lurve at xmas, it’s not the be all and end all of living your best life if you happen to be single right now. From spending more time on the things that are important to YOU, and having a little extra £££ to treat yourself to a present or two (don’t mind if we do), the list of benefits to prioritising yourself when single this December is truly endless.

Here are just 20 of the plentiful reasons to make the most of your time without a S/O over the Christmas period of 2021, and remember when you’re 80 you’ll likely look back on your hot girl years with envy. Do with that what you will

Enjoy an entire honey drenched Camembert to yourself. That’s it. That’s the tweet.

Revel in having more money for your own presents- duh! Jo Malone
candles and White Company PJs are being added to basket as we speak.

There’s no pressure to spend time with their in-laws and extended fam you really don’t vibe with. Sorry Janet your bubble and squeak isn’t as good as you think :/

You can snog Jamie from IT (who you’ve been daydreaming about across the photocopier for approx 200 days straight) at the Christmas party sans guilt. That LBD really works wonders!

Your legs can remain unshaved under your Bridget Jones knickers and shapeless pyjamas without a second thought.

You can post all the Christmas glam thirst traps your heart desires.

You can watch all the rom coms you want in PEACE. Love Actually will be on every single day of December and who’s going to tell you otherwise?! There will be no chick-flick shaming on our watch.

You can enjoy quality time with your family and friends without having to juggle another person’s schedule too. Your time is all your own, baby! We’re talking excessively long lie-ins, hour-long baths and days on the sofa galore.

You can relate to the heartbroken Christmas songs that remind you of your ex, and let it be known there’s something extremely cathartic about crying along to Last Christmas with a glass of mulled wine, just sayin’.

Is there any time better than a flirty Christmas romance with the hometown love interest that pops up once a year? Locking eyes across the pub in a wine-induced haze is the stuff of winter dreams. Alexa, play ‘Tis The Damn Season.

Splash out on your nearest and dearest and those you know will be there for you 4ever. There shall be no ‘Why did I ever spend £200 on THEM’ regret round here.

Relish in the love for the festive season and all it has to offer that doesn’t rely on someone else. You are 100% complete on your own and don’t let romance films make you question otherwise!

You can smash out both parts of Fairytale of New York at karaoke like a boss.

There’s no need to pretend you like the lacklustre present from a S/O with zero taste. It might sound harsh but are you ever going to wear that fluffy cardigan? No.

It’s time to bash out all the TV series you’ve been meaning to catch up on this year without waiting for your bf/gf to be available too. Next episode please.

A Christmas Eve smooch with a randomer. Need we say more.

Got a winged liner, smokey eye, false lash, extreme contour and red lip look planned? No biggie. Take as long as you need to get ready and enjoy the sweet, sweet silence of absolutely no one pestering you to hurry up.

Lap up the empowerment of doing everything you’re expected to do in a couple on your own or with friends. We’re talking Christmas markets, ice skating and trying every single coffee chain’s festive drink offerings. Rewrite the rules and know the obsession with romantic relationships is one we all feel, but needn’t.

Starfish in the bed of your family home in your new Christmas PJs AND take all of the duvet because why the f*ck not.

Lap up the time to reflect, journal and look back on your year whilst making big and beautiful plans for the next 365 days centred around your happiness.

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