13 Questions With Nelly London

We caught up with Nelly to ask about her journey online, staying unedited, authentic, and the importance of seeing your own body type in the media.

First off, how are you and how is your 2021 going? 

I’m okay! Thank you so much for asking. This year is so weird isn’t it, I still don’t know what on earth is going on but I think I’m okay. 

Can you tell us about your career online and how it has evolved? 

Yes, of course, it’s such a random one because I remember when it started so well. I had a breast reduction when I was about 18 or 19 (I can’t actually remember), and that gave me the biggest boost of confidence I had ever experienced in my life. I was a double H cup before my reduction and the pain was extreme. I remember when I had the operation and I suddenly had these boobs that would fit “normal” bras I was just beside myself with excitement. I could suddenly buy cute matching sets and have them actually supports my breasts and feel lovely at the same time (before my reduction, at the time nearly nowhere stocked my size). From then on it just became a genuine passion that has stuck around ever since, as did the content about it! 

How would you describe your Instagram to someone who doesn’t follow you? 

I like to think it’s a positive space that you can go to feel good. Saying that I don’t always feel good (who does?!) and am always as transparent as possible when it comes to being a human who exists on the internet. I just hope I can provide a bit of honesty in a world where let’s be honest, that’s pretty rare online.  

What made you want to show the reality of what bodies look like to your audience? 

This probably sounds SO cliché but honestly, it’s because I never, and I mean NEVER, saw my body type growing up. I genuinely believed I was some form of mutant human with a deformed body. Which is so sad to look back on now but it really is true. If I had simply seen someone who had hip dips as prominent as mine I just think I would have felt more comforted. There really was only 1 body type shown in mainstream media when I was a teenager and that was a very thin, super model-esque frame, which was so far from what I looked like. I wish I had known that every single body is different in their own unique way, and so beautiful! 

How do you feel about filters and editing online, do you think they are damaging our perceptions? 

I really do. I made the conscious decision last year to never use a filter again on Instagram because without even realising I would whack on a filter because I wasn’t wearing makeup, or because the lighting was bad, or just because I thought I looked better with a filter on. But even that seemingly small decision is actually such a scary one! We are so used to seeing the world through a filter as well as seeing ourselves through one, I really hope more people can move away from filters and editing and feel incredible just as they are. Easier said than done I know, a few years ago there’s no way I would have thought I would be able to do it! 

Can you tell us about your collaboration with AYM and what it was like to work on?  

Ah, it was amazing!!! This probably sounds cliche too, but I never thought I’d get to work with such an incredible brand, let alone collaborate with them. The actual pieces that we designed together are honestly (in my opinion) the most beautiful swimwear I’ve ever seen. The feedback we’ve had from it has been absolutely unbelievable and it has got to be one of my proudest projects so far. 

What are you currently working on? 

The biggest project going on right now is honestly our flat! We moved into our new place about 3 months ago now and we’re changing quite a lot. I renovated my last flat but somehow managed to forget just how much energy and stress renovations are. We are hoping to have it finished by Christmas so my home account will be very busy for the next few months! 

Who are some of your favourite body empowerment accounts online? 

Ah, there’s so many, honestly, my whole following list is full of absolute angels. I thoroughly recommend a scroll through haha. 

As a fellow Brighton dweller can you tell us some of your favourite things to do in the city? 

I’m so lucky to live so so close to Hove beach so honestly, I spend most of my time just walking along the seafront. It’s one of my absolute favourite things to do, no matter the weather. I feel like that’s probably really boring but honestly I just like walking and dog watching. 

What does your perfect weekend look like? 

Lay in, breakfast out in a lovely café, coffee, walk along the beach, see my family (dog), maybe a pizza in the evening. Like I said I’m pretty boring haha.  

What do you always carry with you? 


What would your last ever meal be? 

I think either macaroni cheese or a big Lebanese feast. 

What is one positive piece of advice you could give to our audience? 

I always say it but baby steps, whatever you’re trying to achieve, get there with baby steps. Whether it’s body acceptance or doing a handstand in yoga, just take small steps every day to help you get there. I feel like we always have really unrealistic expectations when it comes to life goals, and we feel like we should achieve these things immediately, but it just doesn’t work like that.

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