These 3 Summer Interiors Trends Will Make You An Instant Homebody 

From small soft furnishings updates that make a big impact to structural changes for dramatic change, there's no better way to play around with this season's biggest trends than by visualising and creating them on Redecor. An interiors game you won't want to put down!

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Summer switch-up anyone? The annual spring clean might be most synonymous with getting your home in order, but there’s something about the transition into the balmy summer months in which iced coffee takes precedence over hot that can inspire changes in your environment as well as daily habits. From small soft furnishings updates that make a big impact to structural changes that make a more permanent, dramatic change, 2022’s interior trends are all about creating a peaceful, sanctuary-like space you can truly unwind in. 

Whether you’re a commitment-phobe who freaks out at the idea of change, or simply in the process of deciding which interior updates to make in your home this summer, Redecor could just be the helping hand you’re seeking. Redecor is a free home decorating game which offers you a chance to get creative and complete daily design challenges, styling photo-realistic spaces with various design styles and allowing you to switch out wallpaper, upholstery, throws, pillows, floors and more! Vote on other people’s designs and be part of an inspiring community, and help visualise the updates you want to make to your own IRL home. Available in the App Store and Google Play Store for free, download today and get ready to improve your design skills ready to try out this summer’s hottest interior trends in your own space… 

Bring The Outdoors In

Since the claustrophobia and intensity of the 2020 restrictions, the desire to spend as much time as possible outdoors has grown tenfold. Studies have shown that simply seeing the colour green can lower stress levels and increase alertness, and spending time in nature is known for improving mood, reducing feelings of stress or anger and improving your physical health (check out forest bathing for more on this). If you’re in need of some zen, it might be time to consider bringing the outside in…

Bringing nature into the home has since become one of the biggest trends in the land of interior design, from adding natural textures to upping your plant mum responsibilities, there are plentiful ways to create a nature-filled haven in your home. For those who can kill a plant within a week of getting it home, try using colours that are inspired by the outdoors- greens, blues, tan and neutral tones- to inject the feeling of peace into your space.

If you’re ready to commit to a bigger change in your home and have the luxury of an outdoor space, why not add bifold doors into your garden or terrace, creating an open plan, flowing space where the outside literally blends seamlessly with the indoors. Additionally, floor-to-ceiling glass panels are a beautiful way to flood your space with natural light, creating a portal to the outdoors and a light and airy feel during the cooler months too. For more inspiration, search Pinterest for peekaboo and picture windows, living walls, trailing plants and internal courtyards. 

Self Spaces

Self-care is cool, period, and this next trend is something we have absolutely no problem getting on board with. Our space innately impacts our mood and wellbeing, and new research shows that over a third of people in 2022 have created a place in our homes that is dedicated to wellness or hobbies, with 48% saying that they would look for such a room or space as a priority in their next home. Yay to ‘me’ time!

From reading to working out, unwinding in a spa-like bathroom to hiding away in a nook that feels like pure escapism, creating a self-space in the home is a design choice you’ll never regret. According to retailer Not On The High Street, the UK’s top 10 preferences for self-spaces, are – Reading corner, Gym, Walk-in wardrobe, Cinema room, ‘Man cave’, Music room, Arts & Crafts studio, Gaming room, Study room, Mini library. The era of self-care is now.

Arch Allure

Another lockdown phenomenon – the painted arch. Whilst shops were closed and boredom levels were high in 2020, TikTok exploded with videos of DIY colour block arches being added to homes across the world. And turns out the trend is here to stay, with everything from mirrors to entryways, windows and fireplaces appearing in delightful arch forms, this characterful trend can either feel delightfully romantic or strikingly minimal. No matter the size of your home, there are plentiful ways to introduce the humble arch and a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ whether in a way that takes centre stage as a dramatic feature or more subtly adds to the overall style of your home. 

Not sure whether you’re more Parisian chic or pared-back minimalist? With the Redecor game, you can create two different designs within one interior space, helping you streamline your personal taste and experiment with a range of furnishings before making those all-important changes in your own home. 

Improve your design skills and get inspired this summer by downloading the Redecor game via the App Store and Google Play Store.