12 Newsletters -Actually- Worth Opening

In a bid to declutter your inbox and make it an all-together more inviting place to hang out, here’s a few newsletters that are actually worth opening.

It’s 7.15am on a Monday and the haunting chimes of your email alerts have already started hissing at you through your pillow slip. What could be so urgent about 25% off the moth traps I didn’t ask for? Get off my arse already!

In the era of social media, news really is everywhere and trying to play catch up is nigh on impossible.

In the era of social media, news really is everywhere and trying to play catch up is nigh on impossible. Our attention is forever pushed from pillar to Instagram post, which means the contents of a long-form newsletter needs to be a sweet ‘n’ superior anomaly if it’s going to stand half a chance of vibing with our eyeballs. Time really is a precious and fleet-footed beast, Mailchimp.

In a bid to declutter your inbox and make it an all-together more inviting place to hang out, here’s a few newsletters that are actually worth opening.

Off the Shelf

If you’re a keen #Bookstagramer with a teetering TBR pile, you’ll be all too familiar with the conundrum of deciding which book to plant your nose in next. Enter Off the Shelf, your friendly neighbourhood bibliophile who comes bearing gifts. Well, recommendations – which is basically the same thing. From best-selling debuts to beloved classics, this is one 5-minute read you won’t mind landing in your inbox.

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Girls’ Night In

A cosy corner of the internet dedicated to celebrating the joys of staying in? Take ALL our data. Every Friday, you’ll receive tips on everything from mental health to relationships, book recommendations and playlists. So, if a chill night on the sofa with a glass of wine and a face mask sounds a lot like you, this is the babin’ bulletin for you.

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Who What Wear

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Your daily dose of trends, it-bags, influencer-approved advice, sale alerts and beauty on demand. No junk, just style you’ll want to bookmark forevs. Sign us up.

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The Cramm

The Cramm prides themselves on being a news cheatsheet to the world by giving you daily morning updates straight to your inbox. The information is concise, straight to the point, and still manages to be humorous. Started by teen Olivia Seltzer, The Cramm claims to be for Gen Z but the Millenials in Team Z find it just as useful! Click below to ‘start your day off with a cup of Cramm’.

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Well-Read Black Girl

Image Credit: KOLIN MENDEZ PHOTOGRAPHY via Well-Read Black Girl

Created by Glory Edim, WRBG is an online community and book-loving sisterhood on a mission to empower the narratives of black writers and celebrate their achievements in the literary world.

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The Hyphen by Emma Gannon

Join multi-hyphenate Emma Gannon every month in her chatty column-style piece, as she shares what’s been on her radar that week. From highly-recommended books to conversation snippets from her podcast, it’s like having a wee natter with a pal.

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Monday Vibes

Let us alert you to this positive-vibes-only club, packed with humble and heartfelt advice, mental wellness tips, peachy mantras & Science-backed resources. Created by self-love evangelist, Elizabeth Su, this personal growth newsletter gives you the mental and emotional boost you need to make it through Monday and all the other days, for that matter.

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Alexandra Fullerton

After two decades in the fashion industry, Alex has all the insider intel. Her monthly newsletter is a mix of features, secret styling tips, new brands to have on your radar, product launches, a selection of buys that are worth their place in your wardrobe and her specialist subject, shoes. In short, when it comes to getting dressed, she knows her stuff.

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From the canonical to the contemporary greats, a Poem-a-Day is the new apple a day. You heard it heard first.

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Into the Gloss

Into the Gloss is the editorial arm of cult brand Glossier. Founded by Emily Weiss in 2010, ITG explores what beauty means to women today. From interviews with everyone from Kim Kardashian to Lily Aldridge, product reviews and Glossier launches, this is the very best of beauty news delivered straight to your inbox on a weekly basis.

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& Other Stories

No one likes a frenzy of promotions clogging up their inbox but there are a few rare unicorns among us and this is one of them. Enjoy early access to sales and be the first to know about their covetable designer collaborations and new drops. Newbie subs also get 10% off one purchase which makes giving up your email address 100% worth it IMHO.

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Tiny Spells

A witchy self-care email? Make room on the broom, sisters. This twice-weekly digest contains spellbinding snippets, small acts of self-care and gentle goals to help you look out for number one.

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Some great newsletters amongst this list that i’ll definitely be subscribing too, thankyou!

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