The Best Sex Toys to Spice Up Your Life in 2021

Whether you’re all about vibrating ears, budget-friendly bullets or pulsating tongue-mimicking machines, enjoy next level masturbation and peak partnered sex with our round-up of sex toys.

Hello lockdown 3.0. It’s set to be a rampant one.

Since we’ve recently renewed our membership to the stay at home club, albeit for a rolling, cancel at any time contract (we hope), we’re going to do a few things differently this time round, starting with self-care. And by self-care, we mean drastically increasing our chances of having an orgasm by touching ourselves regularly or having a beloved partner do it for us.

Whether you’re all about vibrating ears, budget-friendly bullets or pulsating tongue-mimicking machines, enjoy next level masturbation and peak partnered sex with our round-up of sex toys from entry point vibrators (oh look honey, she made a joke) to top tier playthings for loved-up couples looking to switch things up.

And look, if all else fails, we will always have Bridgerton and THAT is one failsafe journey to finding your pinnacle.

3 Speed Bullet Vibrator

Ann Summers | £5 | Shop it here

If this is your first foray into self-pleasure, then first of all welcome, congratulations and happy girthday. You’re about to reach a whole new level of introspection. The thumb-sized bullet is great for gentle and discreet solo play. Complete with three speed settings, a tapered tip for targeted clitoral stimulation and a beautiful, if a little cunning, exterior that could easily pass for a lipstick, it’s one smooth operator.

Rampant Rabbit G Spot Stroking Vibrator

Ann Summers | £42 | Shop it here

Whilst the Rampant Rabbit can look a bit like an angry hare poised for confrontation and ready to box your best bits, it’s a gentle giant really. The RR boasts an impressive 4.5″ stature, 7 vibration settings, a ribbed shaft and clitorally stimulating ears to make all your pleasure-seeking pursuits a solid 20/10 experience. Don’t know about you but we’re listening.

Dame Fin

*Free People | £78 | Shop it here

Not all sex toys are created equal and this is one woman of rank. The mistress of masturbation is like a majestic finger puppet, seamless for your pleasure. Whether you’re in it for a solo run through or up for bit of audience interaction (oh yes she is), it’s sure to give you the standing O-vation you so deserve.

Dream Wand Rechargeable Mini

*Love Honey | £29.99 | Shop it here

They say magic isn’t real, but we wager £5 it is and it exists and resides in this wish-granting baton. This wand is a small and mighty bedside companion with 4 levels of intensity – hooray for a tier system we are only too happy to climb. With 7 settings and a battery life that’ll have no problem working away at your congested backlog of uncatchable orgasms, it’s a great all-rounder.

Womanizer Duo Rabbit Vibrator

*Love Honey | £179.99 | Shop it here

Anything with sex toy of the year accolades has our full attention. This superior sex toy only activates once in contact with the skin meaning you’ll get all of the pleasure with none of the noise. We wouldn’t dare splash out on that ergonomic computer chair because Dear Spine that wants for nothing, we’re not made of money but an ergonomic vibrator? Sign us up and keep the change, ya filthy animal.

The Fireman

*Feel Unique Smile Makers | £39.95 | Shop it here

Cliteracy lesson number one: 4 in 5 clitoris-owners reach orgasm via clitoral stimulation, not penetrative sex, so let that be all the reassurance you need (and all the sex ed they need) that your clitoris should not in fact be treated like a Sleeping Beauty spindle or the perilous lips of a Venus fly trap but rather like a precious cashmere purse, born to be cupped perfectly in the hand and stroked. A lot. The Fireman, named after its flame-like form and ability to fire up your burning loins (probably), is one such sex toy that will make sure your clitoris gets its due attention. Featuring a rounded protruding nub of a nose for optimal clitoral stimulation, discreet shape, 4 speeds and 2 pulsation modes, your wild furnace is in good hands here.

F1s Developers Kit

Lelo | £135 | Shop it here

If stats and apps get them going, then consider this high-performance sex-tech a gift any penis-having partner will love. Combining powerfully intense dual motors, the patented Cruise Control setting and Lelo’s revolutionary SenSonic technology, it massages their member with deeply satisfying sonic waves. Oh, and it comes with a little window, so they can watch all the action as it happens. It’s basically this season’s incomparable diamond. And that’s not all. Using the free SDK, they can personalise their pleasure through the bougie customisable internal sensors. What could be a better present than pleasure at their fingertips and a little peephole to boot?

The Frenchman

*Smile Makers Collection | 39.95 | Shop it now

Powerful, quiet and remarkably good at oral, that’s The Frenchman in a nutshell. Perfect for solo sessions or couple fun, its ice cream scoop shape is designed to mimic the touch of a tongue, so add a few squirts of lube and indulge in the best French kiss of your life. Sacrebleu!

Eva II

*Cult Beauty – Dame Products | £135 | Shop it now

Best for: a hands-free wank. The revolutionary design of Eva II gets you there without the bastardly hand cramp. The wings tuck under the labia while the rest of the toy tends to your clitoris. We stan lazy orgasms.

Sona 2 Cruise

Lelo | £119 | Shop it now

Aka the clit sucker. It delivers full body shivers thanks to its toe-curling sonic wave technology, designed to mimic the feeling of oral sex. It’s a small but perfectly formed gem.

TENGA Egg Penis Masturbator

*Love Honey | £9.99 | Shop it now

Cheap and cheerful does the job. This textured masturbating egg designed with penis-owners in mind will ensure your sexual experience is always sunny side up. Pour in some lube and crack on.

Desire Knicker Vibrator

*Love Honey | £69.99 | Shop it now

Slip into the ribbon-tie briefs provided and hand over all control to your partner. The whisper-quiet machine is wirelessly controlled from up to 8 metres away. Zoom 3.0 just got interesting.

Womanizer Premium Smart Silence Clitoral Stimulator

*Love Honey | £169.99 | Shop it now

With its mind-blowing Pleasure Air Technology (aka unreal sucking action) and 12 intensity settings ranging from soft gentle purr to butt-clenching roar, the Premium Womanizer will make any notable orgasm you’ve ever experienced look like a pathetic outbreath in comparison, like the short-lived puff of air in an eye test. Tonight, we vibe like queens.

Classic Metallic Magic Wand

*Love Honey | £49.99 | Shop it now

You know it’s a serious piece of kit when it’s mains powered. Operated using a handy little scroll wheel of fortune, you can dial up your pleasure as much or as little as you want, from soft relaxing rumbles to intense all-encompassing vibrations. Orgasm roulette… what a time to be alive.


Biird | £82 | Shop it now

Meet Obii – clit-lead, aesthetically-pleasing pleasure at your service. Combining suction sensations with whisper-quiet powerful vibrations, Obii is ready to deliver your best-blended orgasm yet. Other honourable mentions include: could easily pass as a reading light, a stress ball or an essential oil diffuser when sat proudly on your bedside table. Let’s hear it for sex toys that blend in AND stand out.

*This post contains ad-affiliate links

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I have been absolutely ADORING all the sex-positive and sex-informative content you’ve been releasing lately! As I scrolled through this, I had an article idea I wanted to throw out there and pitch to you. Would you consider doing an informative piece for people who have not really used sex toys before but might be thinking of trying them for the first time? Like a “what to expect” sort of thing- tips for what you need to do/know about technique before inserting a toy, how to anticipate what might work for you before spending loads of money on one, what might be unexpected about the experience of using one. I’d wager there are a number of readers like me who (for whatever reason) don’t engage in partnered sex and get along just fine with their own hand, but might like to branch out and want to know what to expect along the way!


So glad to see this new content!!! This would have been a huge step for you to make as a creator and as some random chick from new Zealand who has been a fan of yours since the you still live at home, well done!!!!!!!!

Maria Jensen

Thank the Lord for someone(that someone being the Zoella team) talking openly about sex and pleasure for women!!
Zoe, we are the same age and you have been by my side all of my twenties. We have grown up together.
I salute you.
Love and hugs from Copenhagen
xx Maria


Thanks for sharing this Zoella team💕


Yes to an informative and great read! Power to women and educating all even the prudes who probs need to read this article more then other 👌👌✋

Patrícia Santi

Love this !!! Thank you for your work


Well done for this article and not removing it. As a 30 something woman I still feel embarrassed about considering a sex toy because, I guess, how women are made to feel about these things. Yet men can have page 3 spreads in newspapers to get their jollies! 🙄 It is definitely time these things move forward and so well done for normalising that women like sex too!


Yes Zoe and team! Yes yes yes! We need more content like this! 💗

Zoe Farrugia

Do not remove this post!! Fuck the media, I’ve just swiped through Zoe’s stories and I’m so mad. Posts like these are VITAL 🎉 keep doing what you’re doing ladies, we love you ♥️


R.e. the news at the moment 🙄 Now that’s a tenuous link. Author of a book on GCSE curriculum owns a company that wrote a review on sex toys so therefore that GCSE is teaching them about sex toys… 😂 as if Shakespeare hasn’t written some dirty stuff in his time! If you were a man I bet this wouldn’t be an issue! I didn’t get up the courage to get a sex toy until I was in my 20s and therefore didn’t have good sex until then. Women should be taught to prioritise their pleasure over men’s from the age of 16 as that’s when they can legally have sex. And society currently does the opposite!

Well done Zoella team!! Love the article!

Hanna Medén

Love this!!!


Yesss loved this article so much☺️!!


Yay for bringing awareness to female sexual pleasure! Although Please read some of the review about the Lelo Sona ! Some people have had injuries. Body safe material is also super important.


I love love looveee this and will definitely look to buy one with my partner, they look so much fun




Let the haters burn… i wish i had money to buy such toys, but anyways, woman masturbate!, with toys, or their hands, or that usefull chair in the corner of the room. To own your own plasure, your own body is so powerfull, lets stop with the fuss, if its not for you, than thats ok too, but if you want to… go ahead and flick the bean. 💪🏻🔥


Thank you to all of the media outlets talking shit and leading me to read this. This was my first article read on Zoella and it won’t be my last. Keep creating important ADULT posts for ADULT humans.


Wow, I just used this article to cram for my exams. I’ve never felt more prepared! 😉
Sending so much love from the states, to Zoe and the team. Keep doing your thing ladies! 💕


Thanks Zoe and team for speaking on women’s pleasure and for helping to break the negative stigma. Might have to buy myself a present


Love love LOVE this. Keep it up.


Woooow, I never thought it would be this interesting, thanks for posting such important content today, and thanks to the entire Zoella team.


Helped me discover some new brands to check out, thanks!

Olivia Coy

Love this! Hahaha. Keep doing you, Zoe.


I just want to say that I love what you guys doin, that you don’t fear to consider such a topics and keep going please!!!❤❤❤



S Hayes

Awesome reviews! It’s about time someone spoke openly about what everyone is already doing! I’ve followed you since the beginning 🙂 you do you! 💖




Love love love this!


People need to understand that Zoella’s audience will grow older, and most likely, develop sexual feelings.
Never been an active viewer of the channel, but am glad to see a prominent internet celebrity drawing attention to female sexual pleasure, and the use of sex toys.


Love my sex toys! Thanks for this article, I have my eye on a few…


Some great recommendations here and the message is on point. It’s great to normalize pleasure for ALL and I admire the use of a strong media platform to encourage societal discussions around sex and sexuality. I used to follow your blog and stopped – but this has singlehandedly encouraged me to start again. Thank you!!!


Brilliant, I bought my rabbit many years ago and am really happy with it. I would love to try some of the other toys here but at my age and on a pension, they seem a little pricey. Ho hum, perhaps when I wear out my rabbit. Thank you for what you are doing for female sexuality.


I’m a wee bit under what your target audience may be (not quite 20) but after seeing your story and the drama it caused, it started to make me question why I am so ashamed of this but men aren’t. Thank you so much for this post because there really isn’t a lot of posts about women talking about sex + pleasure. It’s given me confidence to maybe try one- would you perhaps be interested in doing an informative post for people who are thinking of using them for the first time/haven’t used sex toys before? I think this is a great topic to explore and am so glad you’ve taken the first steps to openly talking about it more.


As a woman in her late 30’s, I didn’t know what good sex was until I learned how to please myself through self pleasure and masterbation. Women need to feel empowered to feel pleasure and that sex isn’t all about pleasing a man. Such a great post. I love my Fireman and Frenchman!

Charlotte King

Great page! Wish I had the confidence and ease to find such content before now, being a 28 year old female. Absolutely need to normalise female pleasure. Whilst boys are learning about hard ons and wet dreams, girls are still only learning about periods and making babies, as if we’re clockwork machines with bodies designed as a means to a biological end, rather than something to be enjoyed and explored. Congrats on a way overdue shift in female pleasure information!

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