13 Accounts To Follow To Honour Your Mental Health This January

One thing we can all do to combat the negative mental health effects we’re experiencing is to curate our social media feeds with inspiring, motivating, feel-good humans.

The events of the last year have rocked our mental health in ways we’ve never experienced before. There wasn’t enough pink Himalayan salt lamps nor sage bundles on the planet to ward off the relentless bad news – the tears (and tiers) just kept on coming and the proverbial rug was pulled from under our feet, never to be seen again.

From daily affirmations to beautiful illustrations and breathing techniques, these social media personalities will help keep your mental health in check

One thing we can all do to combat the negative mental health effects we’re experiencing is to curate our social media feeds with inspiring, motivating, feel-good humans. Curate your own virtual happy place by following people who feel like sunshine and whose words, actions and perspective make your MH do a happy dance. From daily affirmations to beautiful illustrations and breathing techniques, these social media personalities will help keep your mental health in check in a month when it needs it the most.

Hit the mute button on anyone or anything that isn’t serving you and show up for your mind in ways you never thought you could. Here’s to finding the people who magnify your magic, not deplete it.

Matt Haig

Author Matt Haig has opened up the conversation for male mental health. In his first best-selling memoir published in 2015, he chronicled his experience with anxiety and depression which led him to consider taking his own life. Since then he’s gone on to write about his ongoing recovery and become, in his words, an accidental MH guru, consoling others online with his positive affirmations, frank humour, mood-boosting quotes and life-affirming perspective. Follow Matt here.

Lalah Delia

‘Helping you vibrate higher daily’ we couldn’t have summed up Lalah’s account better if we tried. Lalah Delia is a spiritual writer, wellness educator, certified spiritual practitioner and best-selling author. Her works and writings are focused on guiding readers on a journey back home to their empowered, higher potential, whole selves. From tapping into the present moment and tending to your power, one visit to her page will leave you feeling infinitely calm and on better terms with your higher self. Follow Lalah here.

Poorna Bell

Award-winning author, journalist and powerlifter, Poorna Bell works tirelessly to tackle the stigma surrounding addiction, male depression and suicide. Five years on from her husband Rob’s death, she’s giving others hope with her healing words and her unparalleled compassion for the lived human experience and all its facets. Follow Poorna here.

Notes From Your Therapist

Daily hand-written reminders that your feelings are valid. Celebrate your imperfections, lean into your truth, wear your vulnerability with pride and give yourself permission to feel the full range of human emotion. Follow Note From Your Therapist here.

All On The Board

Look what happens when a community comes together. Two employees at Transport for London made it their mission to make commuters smile by writing uplifting messages, inspiring quotes and poems on the customer information boards, originally meant for announcing delays and cancellations. Their heartfelt messages not only brighten up the daily grind with positivity and good humour but remind us that whatever our circumstances, whatever journey we’re on, everyone on earth has difficult days and we’re all in it together. Follow All On The Board here.

Nedra Tawwab

Whether it’s learning how to honour your boundaries, practising self-acceptance or protecting your energy, therapist Nedra Tawwab helps people create healthy relationships with themselves and others. Follow Nedra Tawwab here.

Real Depression Project

Founded by an ex-depression sufferer and a counsellor disenchanted with the mental health industry, The Depression Project is helping to dismantle the stigma and misconceptions surrounding depression and raise awareness of the symptoms, so non-sufferers can be better allies. Follow the Real Depression Project here.

Trevor Project

Simple self-care actions, beautiful illustrations and daily affirmations to remind you that your authentic self is always enough. Follow Trevor Project here.

Meg Boggs

Meg posts about self-love, motherhood, fitness, mental health and everything in-between, inspiring others to meet their worth and shine in the body they call home, one Instagram post at a time. Follow Meg here.

Breathe With James

Inhale for six, exhale for six. Sometimes, we all need a reminder to just breathe. Breathe slowly, deeply and intentionally – let go. Through his guided breathwork incorporating techniques such as visualisation and affirmation, James teaches us all to use breath as a vehicle to undo the emotional conditioning of the body and unlearn the emotional conditioning of the mind. To breathe is to connect with our emotional bodies in a state of unconditional presence and trust; to breathe is fundamental to our healing. Follow James here.

Black Girl In Om

Turning up for yourself takes daily commitment and Lauren Ash, Founder of Black Girl In Om, is showing black women everywhere how to do just that. BGIO is a community dedicated to giving women of colour a space to thrive – a space to breathe easy, to be liberated, empowered and seen. Whether it’s through meditation, sound journey, yoga or an IGTV heart-to-heart, this incredible community will guide you on your way to claiming your wholeness as a black embodied person. Sink into your greatness. Follow Black Girl In Om here.

Rupi Kaur

Rupi’s work touches on love, loss, trauma, healing, femininity and migration and if ever you find yourself needing a reminder of how wonderful it is to be a living, breathing, complex sentient being, her poetry will jog your memory. Follow Rupi here.

The Insecure Girls Club

Be it heartbreak, imposter syndrome, workplace wobbles, body image or chronic pain, whatever is causing you emotional harm right now, consider TIGC a safe space to bond, share, grow and bloom through all of it. Follow The Insecure Girls Club here.

Drop your favourite MH accounts below! Let’s share the love (and the load).

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