13 Questions With Talia Mar

Talia Mar is a Youtuber, singer, and Twitch streamer who's been killing it this year! Find out more about her and her journey online.

First of all how are you and how are you coping in lockdown?

It has been such a weird time. I live on my own so I did find the first lockdown tough. I am trying to keep myself distracted and busy and I think this second time around will be easier, for me.

The only bright side is that this time has allowed me to really focus on the things I love. Like recording music and streaming with my audience on Twitch.  I’m a bit of a homebody so I do also like the fact you don’t feel obliged to attend events because nothing is happening.

Talk us through your journey online and what you’re getting up to at the moment?

So, I had a non-typical entry into this online world. When I was sixteen, I posted a tweet that went viral which was a makeup meme. It was basically me saying “when you say you’re gonna do just mascara” and it was me with a glittery cut crease. Off the back of this traction, people asked me to do make-up tutorials. I had actually abandoned my YouTube channel when I was thirteen because my school peers were really mean about it. The response to this tweet gave me the courage to start this channel back up and I’ve been posting on YouTube ever since.

As I gained confidence my content has evolved especially as my interests have changed. I consistently stuck to make-up for about a year and half, but this progressed into the more random content that I post today. I used to game a lot when a kid and my love for it has been reignited over the last year and a half, so this is the majority of what I now put out.

I’m being kept very busy and it’s really exciting! I’m on the cusp of releasing an EP so am in the process of perfecting those tracks. I’m also writing and recording new music for post this EP. Just this week I’ve been on a shoot for the EP cover and am engaging in some writing sessions.

Which platform are you having the most fun on this year?

Ah, this is an easy question for me. I am really loving Twitch. I’ve only been active on it for a year so it’s still reasonably new to me. I really love live streaming as I get to talk to engage with my audience instantly. It’s also a really safe and friendly space as the mod’s live moderate the stream. Where I spent lockdown by myself, Twitch streaming allowed me to chillout, speak to friends and make new friends.

Can you tell us about your music and how you got into singing?

I’ve sung ever since I can remember. When I was really young, I had a super cute bedtime routine where my dad used to sing me to sleep and I would sing back. I was then given a karaoke machine when six. Much to my mum’s dismay, I used to sing Like a Virgin – all the time. She told me I’d understand why when I was older and just asked me not to sing it when we had guests over.

I went to a school that really valued typically academic subjects and didn’t give much value to music and the arts. I would sneak up to the music rooms and write songs at lunchtime. I have always been engaged in music and spent so much of my spare time snapping up as many opportunities as I could. I ended up winning a scholarship to a performing arts Saturday school and did this for a year or two.

Then when I was 16, I went to The Brit School and studied music. The course covered everything from music tech, production, recording, law etc. so I am lucky to have a really strong theoretical knowledge of the music industry from my time there.  

In terms of what’s next, my new EP is coming out at the beginning of next year and I’m so excited to hear what my audience think!

What do you think is the best thing about social media?

It’s hard to choose but I think it would come down to social media giving us the ability to talk to and connect with people despite distance and time zones. The number of friends I have made across the world because of social media is kind of ridiculous (and amazing!).  

What would be your advice for someone who wants to start gaming and streaming?

So, the most important factor with gaming and streaming is consistency. You just have to start; you can’t do that whole back and forth of should I/shouldn’t I? The more you do this, the more time you waste when you could be building your platform. I know it’s easier said than done but I promise that consistency is the main factor if you want to be successful in streaming.

What would you say is your biggest achievement to date?

My first EP, Tough Decisions came out a few years ago and it was so important to me that I really learnt and nurtured the process. I wrote, sang, produced, and mastered the entire Tough Decisions EP. Then for my EP showcase which I hosted at The Boderline in London, I did everything from arranging everyone’s parts to securing the venue and running the logistics. I’m really proud of the event and how it went and was received.

What are you currently working on?

Honestly, so much. I’m focussed on completing and perfecting the EP, writing and recording more music for hopefully a further 2021 release. I also hopefully, Covid-19 permitting, will be doing some tour dates next year and there’s so much more than I can’t tell you about, just yet!

Who are some of your current favourite follows online?

So, on Instagram it’s no secret I love @mrshinchhome and @staceysolomon. They are real favourites of mine. Also, @kurizo_chow is just so cute and I’m obsessed. My Instagram is literally filled with travel inspo, dogs and Mrs Hinch’s cleaning tips haha.

On Twitch, I’m a big fan of so many streamers but Emzy, twiinsane and sweet_anita are really great and you should check them out.

On Twitter I love Ryan Reynolds, he’s so funny!

What do you always carry with you?

My inhaler LOL and my Peaches & Cream lip liner in the shade Praline.

What does your perfect weekend look like?

This sounds really boring but it would have to be an Among Us stream on Twitch and then out for dinner at one of my favourite restaurants, Il Cucciolo in central London.

If you could only eat one meal again what would it be?

It would have to be Pasta. I think probably gnocchi with a simple tomato, basil, and onion sauce with a bit of clove powder.

If you could give one positive message to our followers what would it be?

Trust your gut and instincts and don’t listen to what people have to say about you if you don’t believe it!