Introducing #DigitalDetoxDay: Switch Off For Mental Health

On Saturday, 5th September we’ll be stepping away from our digital devices and switching off for Digital Detox Day.

On Saturday, 5th September we’ll be stepping away from our digital devices and switching off for Digital Detox Day.

The collaborative campaign between Zoe Sugg, mental health organisation #IAMWHOLE and LUSH Cosmetics, aims to raise awareness about the negative impact social media can have on our mental health and encourages participants to form better relationships with our devices.
That ever-present digital connection and always ‘on’ mindset can end up making us feel more disconnected than ever, causing stress, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and insomnia, to name a few.

We’ve all seen our screen time stats and felt shook by the number of hours (and even days) we’ve lost to scrolling that great digital abyss. Doing a digital detox allows you to set healthy boundaries and gives your mind a chance to switch off, recharge and focus on social interactions in real life without digital distractions.

Together with LUSH, Zoe has created a bespoke Digital Detox Day sunset-inspired bath bomb, to raise vital funds for grassroots mental health charities. Let the calming scent of neroli fill your tub, quiet your mind and invite you to be present and in the moment. The ‘IRL’ bath bomb will be available in LUSH stores from August, 29th. Click here, to purchase one for yourself!

How To Get Involved With Digital Detox Day:

To join in, simply grab your best black pen and draw a circle on your hand with the word ‘OFF’ written in the middle. On the 4th September, upload the pic of your hand to your social channels to show that you’re supporting DDD on 5th September. Don’t forget to use the hashtags #DIGITALDETOXDAY and #IAMWHOLE

On the 5th September, disconnect to reconnect. Stay off social media for one whole day and enjoy the break!

When Digital Detox Day is over, you may decide it’s something you want to practise on a regular basis with recurrent digital abstinence. Pick one day a week to go device-free or social media-free, whatever works for you. The aim is to promote more positive habits around your social media usage and digital devices. Give it a go.

Will you be joining us for #DigitalDetoxDay?

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