20 Things To Do in July

Would you look at that! We’re Midway through the wild effing ride that 2020 is shaping up to be and let’s just say, the only way is up, right? It has to be.

Would you look at that! We’re Midway through the wild effing ride that 2020 is shaping up to be and let’s just say, the only way is up, right? It has to be.

It’s the perfect month to get to work on that summer bucket list. Ok, so Glastonbury didn’t happen this year but with cheap tinnies on tap, Adele on full blast, a tent in your garden and somewhere comfortable to poo, your garden is a close second.

Here’s 20 things to do in July!

1 Get a cold pint from the pub and enjoy every glorious moment. Who knew it would feel this good to be reunited with YEAST

2 Binge Little Fires Everywhere – Reesie Witherspoon is glorious, Kerry Washington a TRIUMPH

3 Go camping in your back garden. There’s no party like GLASTHOMEBURY

4 Celebrate 4th July!

5 Eat a summer dessert. Ain’t no mountain like a stiff peak.

6 Get your hair done after 4 long months…

7 And when the nice lady shows you her handiwork in the mirror at the end, let out an audible gasp. Who IS that person in the cape staring back at me?

8 Read Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams – the book of the year as voted at the British Book Awards and this month’s Zoella book club title

9 Pretend to be cut up about gyms not reopening for a while. Merhahaha, we only life banana bread now remember?

10 Leave your phone at home and sit in a park uninterrupted with a good book or podcast

11 Book a little staycation – our far-flung holiday plans are still left in tatters but a mini-break to the Cornish coast is full steam ahead.

Image Image Credit: @Ginaincornwall via Instagram

12 Make a ‘life after lockdown’ list full of all the things you want to do with your freedom. Sail the med? Eat at every restaurant you’ve missed? HUG every single family member for an uncomfortably long time?

13 Have a day at the beach and get sand in every orifice. But you don’t grumble because THIS IS LIVING

14 Sip on a proper coffee at a coffee shop brewed by an actual barista cries tears of joy

15 Go on a date! Dip that toe back in the Bumble water

16 Shop at one of your favourite local independent stores. Show them some love!

17 Go to a museum just because, WE CAN DO THAT NOW

18 Wear jeans for the first time in 4 months…

19 and realise exactly why you’ve avoided them for so long

20 Have a cinema date – social distancing guidelines still apply but hey, more popcorn for me

What will you be getting up to this July?

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Thanks for the ideas! Enjoy your summer.


I love these ideas!! Happy July Team Zoella! Xx

Amara Thomas

1. I’ll be going back to spending time with my friend.
2. Celebrating the 4th of July
3. Celebrating my 20th birthday on the 28th of this month

I’m excited for this month 🙂😊


Great ideas! 🙂


This sounds great!


Travelling to as many places as possible


I’m hoping to go to Brighton for my birthday in September could you do a post about places to go to like restaurants, shops, places to take a walk ?

Natalie Ann Redman

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