Summer Mocktails So Good You Won’t Even Miss The Booze

These hot Summer days and balmy evenings call for refreshing booze-free mocktails under a brolly, preferably with a good book or a banging playlist full of those factor 50 sunshine jams.

These hot Summer days and balmy evenings call for refreshing booze-free mocktails under a brolly, preferably with a good book or a banging playlist full of those factor 50 sunshine jams.

No al fresco breakfast, lunch or dinner is complete without a well-stocked bar and in this case, everyone gets to enjoy the drinks because they’re sans alcohol.

For all the mums to be out there wondering how on earth they’re going to make it through another virtual hen do without the fizz, we’ve got you covered with these booze-free bubbles.

Whether you’re taking a break from booze or just not all that into alcohol, these refreshing Summer spritzes will not disappoint.

And for those of us who really do like to go ham on the piña coladas come summertime, this is one hangover-free happy hour you’ll be able to get on board with. Santé!

Fresh Homemade Lemonade

When life gives you lemons! A classic ‘n’ cloudy homemade thirst-quencher that everyone can enjoy on a hot Summer’s day, made with juicy fresh lemons and garnished with fresh lavender. With its tangy and refreshing citrus notes, this nostalgic lemonade cordial will make for a great midday pick-me-up for kids and adults alike.

  1. Boil your granulated sugar and water until it dissolves in a pan over high heat until it dissolves, then let it cool.
  2. Juice your lemons and add them to your simple syrup when it has cooled. If you like your lemonade with a minty twist, slap your fresh mint to extract the oils and add it to the lemon, simple syrup mixture.
  3. When you’re ready to drink simply pour one part of your lemonade mixture and one part soda water into a glass over ice. We added a few sprigs of lavender for both looks and a fresh taste!

Orange & Rhubarb Spritz

This alcohol-free orange and ‘barb bev has all the spirit and razzle dazzle of a £15 cocktail, without the banging headache & regret. Sip on this fruity number while you’re waiting to plate up the bbq food and you won’t even miss the booze. It’s like Summer in a cup! Aperol spritz, who now?

  1. For your rhubarb syrup, you can either purchase this from the supermarket or make it yourself. Find a great recipe here.
  2. Juice your oranges, one orange is enough for one mocktail.
  3. Pour in one part rhubarb syrup and one part orange juice to your glass and finish off with soda water.

Peach, Ginger & Lime Cooler

Imagine peach iced tea but better. Sweet and subtly spiced with shaved ginger, this Peach & Ginger blend packs a punch & goes down swimmingly with lemony orzo pasta salad or a breakfast acai bowl piled high with juicy berries.

  1. Grate your ginger, you’ll need about one tsp for one mocktail
  2. Mix together with your peach nectar (you can grab this from your supermarket or make it with this recipe) and sieve to remove any bits.
  3. Fill up your glass about halfway with the mixture over ice and top it off with soda water
  4. Add a good squeeze of lime and use the rest for your garnish!

We could do with a fresh OJ & ‘Barb Spritz right this second! What’s top of your Summer mocktail menu?

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need to try them all asap !
shy -




Definitely the fresh homemade lemonade


These sound so delicious and really tempting in this hot weather. I’m definitely going to try them!
Love, Eva –


Thanks for sharing these! I really want to try them now…

Bailey Lane

Thank you so much. There are not enough mocktails recipes shared. Everytime I try I see a mocktails recipe its boring (basically just punch). So thank you for bringing some variety into my line up!


OMG these look amazing!
Brianna |

Natalie Ann Redman

These all look yum!


Nice one and I’m really happy to a reader here at

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