20 Things To Do In May

Another month in paradise, eh guys! April turned into May pretty darn quickly, didn’t it?

Another month in paradise, eh guys! April turned into May pretty darn quickly, didn’t it? We’re not sure how or when it happened but somewhere between doing a face mask every day, stock-piling sweatpants, consuming 117 banana breads and debating dying our hair pink, it did. We’re nearly halfway through 2020 and what a wild ride it’s been so far, huh!

It might not be a month full of Summer soirees and palm tree getaways

It might not be a month full of Summer soirees and palm tree getaways but it can be a month full of Animal Crossing, Tik Tok escapism and curtain-twitching, which is basically the same thing, minus the tan lines.

Join us as we collectively undo the proverbial top button on our lockdown jeans and have a gigantic effing SIGH for making it this far. Bravo, people. We’ll continue to see this weird episode on earth through together and, with a sense of humour and questionable hair cuts, we will make it out the other side.

Here are 20 things to do in May!

1 Think about dyeing your hair pink or peach. Those are the only two options available at this point

2 Make a whipped Dalgona coffee and Instagram Story the whole experience

3 Judge the characters on a TV show for failing to adhere to the 2m apart rules

4 Reunite with McDonald’s and let the happy tears flow

5 Pretend you’re totally ok with a bank holiday spent indoors away from your friends. Monopoly Deal is a fine substitute. FINE.

6 Ignore the fact that it’s your turn to host a quiz – cue the panic messaging your mum’s colleague’s aunt to pinch her questions

7 Make showering daily an optional activity – because you can and you’re a filthy lockdown animal dontchaknow

8 Post a calming photo or video to Instagram. 150 points for blossom. 200 points for uninterrupted bird song or dancing flowers. You are master of zen

9 Say, “It’s the little things” at least once a day

10 And “I can’t complain” immediately before or after said complaining

11 Cut your S.O. hair. The time is now. Fold back their ears. Rise to the challenge.

12 Try to draw a helicopter on Quick Draw and feel nothing but shame at how your hands behave

13 Make bagels for lunch. Groundbreaking.

14 Tell at least 5 people that they should be playing Animal Crossing

15 Attempt to join Tik Tok and swiftly realise that…it happened. You got old and you don’t belong here

16 Feel unbearable levels of envy towards anyone with a garden rn

17 Drink alcohol at an ungodly hour

18 Become the budding house plant mum you were always destined to be

19 Get weirdly into clapping

20 Order some bank holiday blooms to your doorstep – deliveries are the only reason we get dressed these days. We got ours from Gunns Florist who are now doing monthly subscriptions *dreamy*

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this post made me laugh a lot! thanks for your ideas 🙂

Lisa Autumn

YAY Happy may x

Lisa |

Natalie Ann Redman

I need to get some coffee and try the whipped Dalgona coffee.

Grace Quante

Found this site today, it’s right up my street haha. Such good quality as well. :))


i love reading these little stories with a cup of tea in the morning 😌perfect!

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