The 6 Things That Made Us Smile Last Week

From Tom Moore's £26 million walk to turtles playing tic tac toe!

A moving tribute to our NHS

This incredible artist paid tribute to NHS workers by creating a photo collage made up of hundreds of photographs of health workers. Nathan Wyburn, 30, received over 200 photos from NHS workers after he shared an appeal on social media. He then brought all the pictures together to make a collage image of a nurse wearing PPE, alongside the words “thank you”. We’ve got goosebumps!

Happy Meals on wheels

We were all pretty bummed out when our favourite fast food joints had to close due to the pandemic but this crafty mum came up with an innovative way to give her kids the McDonald’s experience at home.

Karen Lennon, from Birmingham, used an online simulator, taken from the LadBaby YouTube channel, to create a virtual McDonald’s drive-thru for her kids. She even whipped up her very own homemade McNuggets complete with the iconic Happy Meal packaging. Whilst streaming the video, her son was able to approach the makeshift window in his toy car and place his order. It’s genius. That’s one way to make mealtimes more exciting during lockdown!

A day in the life of Rebecca Bloomwood

If you’ve ever read the Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella, you’ll be familiar with the hilarious misadventures of Becky Bloomwood. Well, back by popular demand, the best-selling author has gifted us with a series of relatable shopdown lockdown diary entries from Becky via Instagram and they are exactly what we need to read right now. So, if you’ve been wondering, ‘what would Becky do’ in lockdown, here’s your answer! Surely there’s gotta be another book to come out of this? Fingers crossed!

A walk to remember

A 99-year-old war veteran has pledged to walk 100 lengths of his back garden to raise money for the NHS. Tom Moore, who turns 100 at the end of this month, uses a walking frame to get around but decided to take on the challenge of walking 10 laps a day before his birthday. He’s already raised a whopping £26.6 million for the cause, completely surpassing his £1,000 target and proving you’re never too old to achieve your goals. You go, Tom! Donate here.

Magical baby news!

Congratulations are in order because a baby Weasley is on the way! Harry Potter star Rupert Grint and longtime girlfriend, Georgia Groome, are expecting their first child, his representative announced in a statement last week. Grint, 31, and Groome, 28, have been dating since way back in 2011 but have kept their relationship out of the spotlight. What wonderful news! We’re over the moon for them.


How else are you meant to enjoy a game of Tic Tac Toe when you’re in quarantine with only your pet turtle for company? Animals entertaining humans through lockdown is the kind of wholesome content we need right now. And we particularly enjoyed this badass bunny too, whose competitive spirit pretty much sums up our whole quarantine mood. Buns don’t play.

What happy news stories did you enjoy last week?