13 Questions With Xanthe Berkeley

Xanthe is one of our favourite online creators and the most recent collaborator for Filmm. Find out how she got started and how she continues to create beautiful films.

First of all, how are you and how are you coping in lockdown?

I’m doing ok considering everything feels upside down and uncertain at the moment. I’ve enjoyed working from home for years now, so that hasn’t been a change for me, other than having my teenage boys around all the time. So every day does feel like Sunday. I do miss going out on shoots and hopping on the tube to events and meeting people. But staying home is so important at the moment and life will go back to normal… eventually.

Describe your channel in 3 words!

Colourful, playful and everyday beauty.

How and when did you start ‘creating’?

I went to art college many years ago and did a graphic design degree, where I focused on analog photography and making super 8mm films and ever since then, I’ve documented my life through photos and film. Then this amazing online world of sharing our photos and videos began with Flickr and Instagram, I was ready to dive in and share how I see the world.

What are the different mediums you use to create with?

I love photography and video, I couldn’t choose between them. Different stories can be told in different ways through each medium.

What programs do you use to create your videos?

If I’m editing on a desktop using DSLR footage, I use Final Cut Pro. For years I used iMovie, as it was free.

For the past few years, I’ve got into the ease of creating videos on my iPhone, especially as the quality of video is pretty impressive now.

On iPhone, I love the Filmm App of course! It’s so creative and fun and can really enhance the aesthetic of my footage. Other video editing apps I like, are Videoleap, Adobe Rush and VLLO. I’ve written a blog post here if you’d like more of my recommendations.

How can our audience learn your skills?

I’ve been teaching online courses for 8 years now, helping people to shoot and edit videos into films of their lives. I have my own online course website and my courses run regularly throughout the year. Plus, I have lots of blogposts with tips and free lessons to learn things like Creating Stop Motions On Your Phone.

I’m loving running my Handmade Film Making course, where people make ‘Day In The Life’ videos shot and edited on their phone, during this Stay Home time because people are being super creative at home and documenting this very unique time.

Shoot video and make films resources.

A free lesson to for creating stop motions on your phone.

Tell us about your Filmm pack ‘Play’

I was so excited to be asked to create a new pack. I’ve been a big fan of Filmm from the beginning and love the variety of ways to change and improve the look and feel of my videos.

There are already so many great packs on the app, so at first, I was intimidated that I might not be able to come up with something new or different. But once I started putting my mood board together, I realised there were little ideas that I would actually like to have to play with. Download Filmm here.

What inspired some of the filters and effects in the pack?

My love of colour and the texture of Super 8mm film. Plus, I knew I like playful elements like the countdown numbers, light leaks and the pen marker scribbles. I have a secret Pinterest board and my saved tab in Instagram full of images and films that inspire me, so I pulled out parts that I thought could be transformed into interesting and unique filters, effects, frames and transitions.

The team at Filmm did an amazing job of turning my ideas into reality. It’s always been a wish of mine to create a video creator app, so this has been a dream project for me.

What are you currently working on?

During this Stay Home period, all of my commercial work has been put on hold – Usually, half of my time is creating photo, video and Stop Motion social media content for brands.

So I’m focusing on my online courses, by updating materials with ideas to inspire creating while at home and running my courses regularly to give people an opportunity to have a positive focus through making films. Plus, creating new courses that have been on my mind for ages, but I just haven’t got round to doing. Like a Creating Stop Motion On Your Phone, which will launch soon and is going to be lots of fun for all ages!

Who are your current favourite follows on the gram?

I really like following a variety of creatives on Instagram, not just photographers/bloggers/video creators like me. I’m loving what so many illustrators are doing at the moment, either designing cards with heartfelt messages for us to send to loved ones we’re missing or sharing funny and poignant messages to support us and share with others. Here are a few of my favs –

@Marloesdevee | @Veronicadearly | @Poppyspapercuts | @Jadefishercardco | @Nikkimiles_ | @Ameliaflower

It feels like there’s a big creative energy at the moment and it’s wonderful to be a part of the Instagram community, who are all doing their bit to stay hopeful through this challenging time…

What does your perfect weekend look like?

Hanging out with friends and family. Maybe a picnic on Hampstead Heath and a swim in the ladies pond. Visiting Broadway Market on Saturday for delicious food and Columbia Road market on Sunday to pick bunches of colourful flowers. And a bike ride, preferably with my family.

If you could only eat one meal again what would it be?

It’s difficult to choose one! Probably seafood of some sort – oysters, crab, prawns, mussels, all on a platter!

If you could give one positive message to our followers what would it be?

“Be grateful for the little things.”

Having a daily gratitude practice is life-changing. Doesn’t mean that some days and certain circumstances aren’t difficult or scary, but taking time to find 3 things to be grateful for every day, can have a massive positive impact on our daily lives.

Find Xanthe on Instagram here.