March 2020 Zoella Book Club Review: One Of Us Is Lying

Now that we've all got some extra time indoors on our hands, reclining with this month's Book Club read has proved a very welcome form of escapism. We will never take books for granted again. WORD.

Described as The Breakfast Club meets Pretty Little Liars, the team were excited to delve into Karen M. McManus’s first YA novel, One Of Us Is Lying.

Did it keep us guessing all the way through, or did we have it all figured out from the very first chapter? Find out what the team thought of this month’s teen thriller…

Five students go to detention. Only four leave alive.

Yale hopeful Bronwyn has never publicly broken a rule. Sports star Cooper only knows what he’s doing in the baseball diamond. Bad body Nate is one misstep away from a life of crime. Prom queen Addy is holding together the cracks in her perfect life. And outsider Simon, creator of the notorious gossip app at Bayview High, won’t ever talk about any of them again.

He dies 24 hours before he could post their deepest secrets online.
Investigators conclude it’s no accident. All of them are suspects. Everyone has secrets, right?

What did you think of One of us is Lying?

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Birgit Verbruggen

I loved one of us is lying.
I would recommend reading the sequel: One of us is next.

Jordyn Ross

Have considered picking this up for a while but after all the great reviews I might have to pick it up now! I’m currently reading The Sun Down Motel by Simone St. James and its great if you are looking for a paranormal mystery set at an old run down motel.


The book delivered last week and when I get through the rest of my list of books I will definitely be giving this one a go!

Rachel Rose

One of us is Lying is my favourite book club book this year. I enjoyed it so much I’ve moved straight on to One of us is Next.
It kept me guessing almost to the end and the first book this year that didn’t have a disappointing ending.

Luch Anolin

Really like the book. looking forward for the second book 🙂 didn’t expect the ending though. xx

Lorna Hayes

I read both of her books and One of is lying was one of my favourites for sure. I loved it, to be honest I wanted more but then the second book came out and I loved it, even more, to be honest. It’s a good book!

Love and Literature | Sophie

Great review, I also really enjoyed this book! I posted my review on my blog, feel free to take a quick peek if you like. Have a lovely day everyone! x


One of us is lying is one of my fave books
I definitely recommend the other books this author
Two can keep a secret and
One of us is next!!

Bridget Diana

I couldn’t put it down!
Loved it and on to the next book (one of us is next)


I loved It so much


This author has three books total. They are all fantastic.

Melissa Rodriguez

I really liked the book, but at the half of the book i already expected the end, but that’s the thing, it makes you think and create theories about the characters.

Kelsey Palmer

I loved it I am currently on the second book which is two can keep a secret but also have the newest one called one of us is next


Did not expect the ending! but i’m so intrigued at Nate and Brownwyn’s relationship, but i thought it was honestly like a really good show, hope it becomes one.


I loved One of is lying. I always thought I knew who was the killer but I was always proven wrong.


I’ve been reading along and following the hashtag on instagram… but how do I join the Goodreads book club group? I haven’t been able to find it 🙁


I really enjoyed it! At first I was reading it on and off but when things started to get mysterious I couldn’t put it down!

Myra Gill

I am about to start the sequel. I enjoyed reading one of us is lying

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