20 things To Do In April During Self Quarantine

Well fellas, here we are. It looks like our grand plans to have the Summer of a lifetime are on hold for a while but we can do this. For now, home is where the heart is!

Well fellas, here we are. It looks like our grand plans to have the Summer of a lifetime are on hold for a while but we can do this. For now, home is where the heart is! Unless the internet goes down of course. Then we’ll just pour ice cream on our pasta and wake up when it’s 2021.

Here’s 20 things to do in April during self-quarantine. Meet you at couch-ella…

1. Catch some Vit D from your sofa. Gardens, beaches, National Trust, they’re all SO 2019.

2. Make a dent in your TBR pile. What did we do to deserve BOOKS.

3. Realise that your baking talents start and end with banana bread.

4. Start a puzzle… And then realise that even during a worldwide shutdown, you’re just not a puzzle person.

5. Be determined to celebrate Easter the best you can, we can’t let a holiday that includes this many treats pass us by!

6. Stare wistfully out the window at the outside world. Oh look, there goes a receipt. Nawww

7. Feel inexplicable jealousy at your neighbours going out for their government-approved daily exercise when you’ve already had yours. What is this, Smug Street? STOP WAFTING IT UNDER MY NOSE NO. 15.

8. Preach about the House Party App. You should be earning commission tbh.

9. Consider adopting a puppy. It’s the only thing that makes sense rn.

10. Use a quarantine pun. Time for quarantini prinks before hitting it large in the living room.

11. Remember that one time we all wore jeans and bras, ya know, in the old version of the world.

12. Eat all your reserves in one afternoon sitting.

13. Plan the big reveal for your post-quarantine glow up.

14. Congratulate yourself for your new job: stay at home wine drinker

15. Adhere to the new rules. Airport rules.

16. Reminisce about going out to eat. That sh*t was wild.

17. Rearrange your bedroom. Or clear out your closet. Again.

18. Build yourself up for the trip to the supermarket. Will you come home with toilet roll, or will you have to make do with coffee filters? It’s a risky little game.

19. Write a letter: Dear 2020, absolutely none of this was on my vision board

20. Practise social distancing… from the fridge

What will you be getting up to in April?

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Some great ideas!

Emily Miller

Loved this post 😂

Emily |


Love #19. This was supposed to be the year of prom, senior baseball followed by wood bat league summer ball, kid going to uni, reconnecting with my spouse, fiber festivals/retreats, and traveling the world. But we are extremely fortunate to live in the country on some acreage, so I cannot complain.


This post made me chuckle! Some great ideas here! x

Lucy |


I checked out your blog it’s really great well done!


This was hilarious. Loved it!

Lisa Santos

I want to start a puzzle so bad!!


Will definitely be making my way through my TBR and realising I’m not a puzzle person lolll

Susan Books Etc

Natalie Ann Redman

Great suggestions to keep us occupied!

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