Spring Cleaning Series: Organising Your Pantry

Where art thou turmeric, curry powder, cinnamon? Chances are they've probably sloped off behind the tinned tomatoes and the flour but fear not, after implementing these helpful pantry hacks, you'll never have to lose sight of your beloved spice blends or pine kernels again.

Where art thou turmeric, curry powder, cinnamon? Chances are they’ve probably sloped off behind the tinned tomatoes and the flour but fear not, after implementing these helpful pantry hacks, you’ll never have to lose sight of your beloved spice blends or pine kernels again.

With plenty of us working remotely and clawing back those extra hours we’d usually spend commuting to and from work, we have the opportunity, albeit a bittersweet one, to tackle all the little odd jobs we just l-o-v-e to put off. Now’s the time to get our humble abodes looking as neat as a new pin, starting with organising our pantries. Type As, you’re very welcome.

No pantry, no problem! Most of us use that term loosely as a fancy synonym for kitchen cupboards, so clear away the clutter and stow away the long-lasting snacks, it’s time to give your kitchen storage the glow up it deserves.

Decant products into containers

We’ve all swooned over those Pinterest worthy kitchens with their ship-shape open shelving displays and orderly jars complete with retro labels and felt a sudden enthusiasm to ‘tap to tidy’ our own homes. Well, the time has arrived.

Get savvy with your storage and do away with any bulky packaging by transferring dry food items such as pasta and cereals into clear food caddies or kilner jars. Breadcrumbs, seeds and powders such as drinking chocolate can be placed in air-tight containers and stacked to create more space.

If you have pre-packaged crisps and snacks, these can be stowed away in storage baskets or, make like Stacey Solomon and use an adjustable shower curtain pole to hang your snacks from. Because a)it’s a visual feast and b)why the hell not!

Organise products into categories

No one wants to go on a wild goose chase for their fusilli do they – apply some logic to your kitchen cupboards to help you access ingredients easily and make trying a recipe an enjoyable experience rather than a stressful one. From your cooking oils to canned goods, grains and pulses to your breakfast cereals, a food filing system will change your life.

Get in formation

Arrange your tinned food and staples with a long shelf life in front-facing rows. You can also use stair step shelves to make sure you can see the items at the back easily. Our inner Monica Geller is fast approaching a 7 over here. If you know, you know.

Add hooks on the inside of your cupboard

If you’ve got a pantry door or wall space, hanging oven mitts, tea towels, aprons and bulky utensils on hooks can free-up some room in your drawers. A wall-mounted shower caddy can also make a great home for all your vegetables.

Don’t stock up on food

Perhaps an even more important message in the context of what’s going on right now but only buy what you need. Squirrelling away rice and tins of tuna when there’s a deal on may seem economical but by cluttering up your cupboards, you’re unlikely to see what you have in. Cue expiry dates and food waste.

Streamlining your pantry is the easiest way to make sure you can see what you have in the cupboards, use up your food and replenish it when it’s running low. Minimalism is the key to a tidy pantry.

The label maker is your best friend

Hello jar containing mysterious grains, identify yourself! It could be couscous, it could be quinoa. Who knows!

Enter the label maker. Not only does it give all your glass Kilner jars a homely vintage vibe, but it’s also hella practical. Now you’ll always be able to distinguish the plain flour from your self-raising. Come through stationery, come through.

Clean your cupboards systematically

Every six months, take everything out and give it a thorough deep clean. Start at the top and work your way down, wiping the shelves and removing any sticky residue from jars. It’s always the Marmite isn’t it?

Use this an opportunity to dispose of any out of date items and note down what you need to restock.

How do you keep your pantry lookin’ sharp? Let us know!

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Lisa Autumn

Spring cleaning is always my fave time!

Lisa |


Your pantry is beautiful. I definitely think buying what you need, over hoarding is such a simple but effective tip. Especially with what’s going on in the world now!

Jodie |


Your pantry looks so nice! ❤️


My spring cleaning is in full effect!



Pantry goals!!!

Natalie Ann Redman

Love how organized this all looks!

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