How To Get Smart With Your Money This Year

Hello January, you lengthy swine you. Christmas has well and truly had its wicked way with our wallets and we can't remember the last time a comma graced our bank accounts. We are physically and financially spent, bro.

Now is the perfect time to get frugal, tighten the purse-strings and make some super savings by getting savvy with our outgoings. We’ve pulled together some moola-saving tips to make that December pay packet stretch a little further.

Try a zero-spend day

Take a day off from spending one day a week and put anything you would have spent on lunch, coffee or a takeaway straight into your savings. Every little helps!

It requires a bit of planning and meal prep but it’ll help you evaluate your impulse spending habits which could be a real money-saver in the long run.

Question your impulse buys

Ask yourself, ‘do I really need this’ before you buy something. If the answer is no, walk away – safe in the knowledge that you are a pennywise & unshakeable force of nature.

Do dry Jan

Kick the boozy weekends to the curb and save some dollar instead. The bubbles might not be flowing but your bank account will be. Ka-ching-a-ling-ling.

Ditch the daily coffee

It’s a £3 a day habit that adds up to over a £1,092 a year.

It’s a £3 a day habit that adds up to over a £1,092 a year. Enjoy a homemade cup of Joe and save the planet while you’re at it. You can still treat yourself to a barista-brewed latte once in a while and enjoy it all the more.

Access your beauty-buying habits

Beauty products and nail appointments come with a hefty price tag. If you’re keen to make the pennies go further, consider swapping high-end brands for supermarket savers and brands on offer. You can even make your own exfoliator using coconut oil and sugar. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Get thrifty

Buy second-hand to save money, the sales may seem like you’re getting a good deal but if you didn’t need it in the first place, you’re still quids down.

Do an at-home workout

Save on the spenny gym membership and work out from the comfort of your own humble abode, instead. The gym is packed with over-zealous weight lifters in January anyway – JOMO is where it’s at!

Learn to budget

Sit down and work through your spending habits. It doesn’t mean all the fun has to end, it just means getting smart with your priorities and learning to live within your means.

It doesn’t mean all the fun has to end!

Subtract your monthly outgoings from your monthly income and create a spreadsheet for the rest of the month. That way you can see exactly where your money is going, what you can cut down on and where you can save.

Switch energy suppliers

Shop around and make sure you compare tariffs across the market. You may even be able to negotiate with your current energy supplier for a better deal and save money in the process. Barter away, fellas.

Clear out the clutter

January is the perfect time to Marie Kondo the hell out of your wardrobe and your home.

Marie Kondo the hell out of your wardrobe and your home

Unwanted clothes can go on Depop or you can even upload items on Instagram and ask your followers to get in touch if they want an item, hold a rail sail at your house or clear out household items and furniture on Facebook Marketplace.

Get savvy with deals

Collect money-off coupons and follow brands on their social media channels so you’re aware of the current promotions they’re running.

Delete your card details

ASOS, Topshop, H&M – the check-out always remembers your card deets doesn’t it. How very convenient! Wipe them off. Delete immediately. You’ll think twice about buying that new jumpsuit if you have to actually, ya know, move off the sofa to find your purse.

Downgrade your phone plan

If you’re not getting through your minutes each month, you could review your phone plan. Downgrade for a few months to save some moola and review your savings again when you’re better off.

Use budgeting Apps

Monzo allows you to categorise your spending into groups such as shopping, transport, health and bills to make it easy to see where your money is going. The summary tab gives you an overview of what you’ve spent in each category each month.

By setting spending limits for each category, you can avoid running out of money at the end of the month. You can also keep an eye on your day-to-day spending and the App will let you know if it looks like you’re going to run out of money.

The Automated Savings feature makes it easy to set aside money every time you spend and Roundups automatically put your spare change from a payment into savings, like a digital coin jar for a rainy day. So if your coffee costs £3.20, Monzo will take £4 out of your account and add the change to the pot.

Have you got any must-know money saving tips to see you through January? Let’s hear them!


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20 Things To Do This January

Let's face it, by the time January rolls around we're all tired, cold and broke in more ways than one.

Intent on becoming better, leaner, more ambitious people, we convince ourselves that now is the perfect time to challenge ourselves with a plethora of painfully unachievable goals. Spoiler: it’s not and will never be a good time to commit to anything other than Netflix.

Well, fear not, for we can ride this sh*t storm out together. Let’s raise a glass of sparkling wine… water (shout out to the dry Jan crowd) to the most miserable month of the year, here are 20 things you’re likely to find yourself doing.

The only way is up, lads!

1. Embark upon an imaginary journey to get your body back

2. Forget you started said journey due to its fictitious nature and bathe in leftover brie instead. Thy body is a temple – a Cathedral cheese temple

3. Think about doing dry Jan

4. And then think of 175743 reasons not to

5. Zoflora the sh*t out of your home. There’s nothing like spending some quality time with your Minky

6. Do one sit up and feel absolutely CHEATED when you can’t see abs. Disgusting, I’d like to speak to your regional manager at once (she screamed in the gym foyer)

7. Dedicate all the time you do not have to a new hobby simply because you promised yourself you’d be a fuller version of yourself this year, starting with French classes. Sacrebleu!

8. Treat yourself to a new notepad. Ruled lines will keep you on the straight and narrow

9. Lose your tiny mind over all the ‘new year, new me’ members hogging the treadmills and fail to acknowledge that you’re one of them

10. Shake your head at the farce that is: our new government. Waheyyyy. Can we get a refund on this lot?

11. Convince yourself you should sign up for an exercise event

12. And instantly regret it because tracking down your lost Hermes parcel five times a month is basically a 10K race anyway

13. Tidy up your computer and realise the reason you didn’t have any time to achieve anything in 2019 was because you were too invested in… dog memes

14. Realise the lines you thought were just temporary dehydration lines from NYE have now got their feet right under the table and settled into your face… forever

15. Feel sorry for your friends with January birthdays. But not sorry enough to actually, ya know, attend

16. Use snow as the seasonal conversation filler: Wishing for snow. Not wishing for snow. The inconvenience of snow. The snow and trains. The snow and road closures. The snow and office closures. The snow and school closures.

17. Spend a LOT of moola on eye-wateringly expensive gym leggings because that’s the kind of emotional support you need when you’re caught in a spin class and desperate for a poo

18. Start spiralizing everything: courgette, butternut squash, your credit cards

19. Forget how to wear clothes with buttons and zips since your junk is all too used to revelling in Christmas PJs for an obscene amount of time. Far beyond the point of reasonable cleanliness

20. Realise it’s been January for 3 months now.

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