Introducing Template: Our New App!

We are so excited to announce the launch of a brand new app: Template! From Zoella and A Color Story, the creators of Filmm, comes a new way to design your stories and IG feed!

Created as a partnership between Zoe and Elsie & Emma of A Beautiful Mess, Template is a new way to style and design your Instagram feed and spice up your Stories. It comes loaded with a huge library of designs for laying out photos and videos as stories, feed and a brand new option of galleries, allowing you to create seamless, swipeable templates.

With over 500 layouts to choose from, the app comes with:

• 100+ seamless, swipeable gallery Templates

• 200+ feed Templates

• 200+ Story Templates

• 70 fonts, batched by style

• Custom brushes

• Customisable illustrations

Get unlimited access to all 500+ Template designs, fonts, and more features to come with Template+!

We’ve been busy beta testing the app along with a few friends of ours. Below is just a small demonstration of the brand new ‘gallery feature’, click through to their instagrams to see them in action!


Template is available to download NOW for iOS!

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ivana split

what a great app idea. Congrats for the launch.


Love the new templates!! X


Sounds like a cool app 🙂
Brianna |


LOVE THIS APP! Just what I’ve been looking for, an app that give you different designs and layouts for your posts. Just started my own Blog/Youtube Channel, so this will be a massive help! Thank you!! 😀 x

Jena Cheung

Hey! Will this be on android anytime soon?



Really loving this app, so many templates to choose from!☺️x

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