6 of the Best Christmas Games

Ahh, Christmas you dear old friend, always lulling us into a false sense of security with all your JOY, and then BAM! We’re all arguing over a game of Monopoly and your little sisters run off crying.

Quite frankly there’s nothing better at Christmas than a good old game! Bored of seeing Home Alone for the millionth time? Is no one messaging you back because they’re having far too much festive fun for themselves? Time to whack out the boardgames! Yes you may end up regressing into a childhood tantrum but it’s all a bit of a laugh, isn’t it!


Definitely be that guy who steals from the bank

If you fancy getting rich quick this Christmas a classic game of Monopoly is your go-to. Definitely be that guy who steals from the bank, definitely laugh chaotically when someone lands on one of your hotels and definitely win that beauty contest and collect £10! Big props also go to Monopoly’ little sister game Monopoly Deal, if you don’t know… get to know!


Play this one round the dinner table while you’re slurping on port and pretending to like Christmas pudding.

Find out who’s packed full of general knowledge with Linkee. Answer four separate questions that are linked and shout LINKEE to be the first to answer, if you’re wrong you’ll be iced out the round but if you’re right you receive the card and the first person to spell Linkee with their cards wins!


Dobble is great for quick-fire rounds and it also makes a really lovely stocking filler. Play this whilst waiting for the canapés after you’ve just come down the stairs on Christmas morning in all your new clothes, after using all your new body washes and scents and you’re feeling like a million bucks!


Sometimes the easiest entertainment comes from a crapload of dice! You can play so many little short sharp games with this, our favourite was each having six dice, rolling one to get your number and then rolling the rest until you get six of the same number, fastest wins.

Cobra Paw

The perfect game to pull you out of your post-turkey slumber

This game gets your heart racing and will end up with everyone poking each other and screaming. The perfect game to pull you out of your post-turkey slumber by introducing some solid competition into your family dynamic.


A bit like Scrabble but also not that much like Scrabble. Start with your letters and create words that have to intersect (like Scrabble) and every time you run out of letters you shout PEEL (that’s the fun bit) you get to take another letter but so does everyone else. If you’re just not gelling with one of your letters you can discard him (sorry Q) but you have to pick up three more. It’s fast-paced, there are a lot of concentrating silences and the glory of winning is completely unmatched.

What’s your favourite board game to play at Christmas?

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Thanks for the recommendations! Monopoly is definitely one of the best! X


So excited. Ive ordered Christmas monopoly. Love family games


My family loves playing Nobody‘s Perfect! This game is so much fun.


The amount of arguments these games have caused! Ahahahah I LOVE them

Ellie xx


I honestly would love to play any board game. I’m always alone so there’s not really anyone to play with. I’ll have to make it my goal one day to make enough friends to play a board game.


thats literally me I loove board games and I think game nights could be so much fun I just dont have the friends to do them with lol

Amber Atlanta

Dobble is such a good one – they’re doing so many different ones now too, from Harry Potter to the original. We have ordered Would I Lie To You board game and I can’t wait to play that on Christmas day!
Amber |


I just recently got into Backgammon, it looks so intimidating, but it’s actually fairly simple. If you like Sorry, you’ll like Backgammon.


OMG so many cool games I don’t know of!
Brianna |

Frederick Harrington

My favourite is Cobra paw i once played it online on it is very exciting

Natalie Ann Redman

Monopoly is definitely a favourite of mine.


Seriously Monopoly is one of the worst games and way too hyped up. After an hour it‘s clear who‘s winning, but you still need to suffer for three hours so one person can be happy.

I know a lot about boardgames and I can recommend the following wholeheartedly:

1. Just One

It didn’t only win the best game of the year award, but it conquered every Christmas I had since its release. It is so simple: One person needs to guess a word, everyone else knows the word and is allowed to write one word on a card in secret. While the person who is guessing has their eyes closed, the others compared their hints. If there’s a word twice or thrice it’s gone and can’t be used as a hint. The guesser can now see the hints and has one try to guess the word. It’s so much fun!

2. Exit Games

If you are a born Sherlock Holmes and have your Watson by your side, Exit Games are the way to go. Get together, open the box, play the accompanying music, sharpen your minds and solve the riddles. It’s such fun to solve a game and to feel the success. There are numerous types of Exit games with varying difficulties. My favourites are from the Kosmos and the Unlock series.

3. Scrabble

It is similar to Bananagrams but more strategic. So strategic that my family and I have created the rule of setting a timer for everybody’s turn. Otherwise a game would last 4 hours. If we wanted that we would play Monopoly. 😉

4. Outburst

This is an Oldie but a Goldie. First published in 1986 it is know to be the forerunner of Taboo (1990). You play in two teams and go in turns. One team guesses and the other one chooses a category out of two. Of the chosen category the guessing team has to guess the 10 terms written on the card belonging to the category and gets one point for each correct answer. It’s such a loud but very fun game.

5. The Crew

Another deserved game of the year. You are a crew of astronauts on your way to the ninth planet of our solar system. It’s a card game similar to Wizards or any other trick-taking card game, the clue is that you co-operate to reach your goal. Each scenario of the 50 is different and full of challenges. Limited communication possibilities make it harder each turn. It’s a lot of fun and a test on communication.

So have fun exploring new games, stay safe and have a merry Christmas!

Ellie Morris


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