30 Thoughts We Had Whilst Watching Last Christmas

Written by academy award-winner Emma Thompson and starring Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding, Last Christmas has been dubbed the Christmas film of the decade, so it was only fair we went to see if it lived up to the holiday hype.

This post contains many a spoiler

  1. London is like, really pretty
  2. Did she just punch a reindeer? Yes, yes she did
  3. So, this is a Yuletide store is in Covent Garden but it only has two
    members of staff? Sure, sure
  4. Is pigeons sh*t green all year round or just at Christmas?
  5. Who is this mysterious dancing man in a nice coat who keeps
    appearing and waltzing off again?
  6. Must get “I will nail you to my dick” into a sentence
  7. Emilia Clarke’s eyebrows have more agility than my entire body
  8. “I’m busy, you’re weird” – It’s like a lesson in how-to Tinder
  9. Tom is basically like a modern-day Bernard’s Watch on a bicycle
  10. I could listen to Emma Thompson saying Dick and Penis all day
  11. I wish I could feel confident enough to go and chill in a public garden
    in London. Alone. Just me and my sandwich
  12. This must be their big Torvill & Dean moment
  13. Oh look, it’s only Sue blooming Perkins
  14. Santa is such a badass. I love her.
  15. Wow, he doesn’t have a phone. He’s either the perfect man or a serial killer
  16. Tom, you’re a dreamboat but please stop saying look up
  17. If someone has to die, let it be him. I don’t think I can lose Emilia Clarke twice in one year
  18. Being a human being IS hard. Tom is just so f*cking understanding
  19. Second to Thackery Binx, Tom might just be the sexiest ghost we’ve ever seen
  20. This is the cheesemas we all need in our lives
  21. The lyrics, oh oh the lyrics
  22. “Look after my heart, it was always going to be yours anyway” NO YOU’RE CRYING, KAREN
  23. This film is making me want to be a better human
  24. I want to make healthy choices
  25. If I cut my hair short I will hold Emilia Clarke personally responsible
  26. Who invited the estate agent to the party?
  27. Something’s happening… I feel like I want to clap. Shall I clap?
  28. Hands are clapping, people. Hands are clapping
  29. Best line of the movie: lesbian pudding
  30. Ah look, Kate’s drinking smoothies and now she’s bullet journaling which means she really has her sh*t together now

Have you been to see Last Christmas, yet? Let us know what you thought of the movie!

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How good was it? I’m feeling very festive after watching it and I want to give back in some way this Christmas.


The trailer looked good!
Brianna |


I was just watching the movie, and I thought most of the time, “Oh really? Come on!” but I still feel very festive after seeing it, and I’m sure it was because I saw it in German, next time definitely in English.


He’s either the perfect man, or a serial killer. Almost my exact thoughts. 😂😂


I really liked this film because I didn’t expect it at all 🙂


As a Croat (Emilia Clarke’s character is of Croatian/ Yugoslavian descent) I was just thinking how wrong they got the timeline (the film starts in 1999 and apparently her family fled the country because of the war, however, the Homeland war ended in 1995 so whoever fled during the wartime was already out of the country by 1999) and how Emma Thompson’s accent doesn’t sound accurate at all, it was definitely more Russian inspired. The cursing was very accurate and top notch 😉

ivana split

I haven’t seen the film but your description makes it sound fun.

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