November Letter from The Editor

It feels only yesterday that I opened up my web browser, typed in and created what is now known as “Zoella” (fun fact, it was actually Schoee first, anyone been here since those very early days?)

Fun fact, it was actually Schoee first, anyone been here since those very early days?

It feels only yesterday that I opened up my web browser, typed in and created what is now known as “Zoella” (fun fact, it was actually Schoee first, anyone been here since those very early days?). I created an awful collage header in photoshop, and typed out my very first blog post about a little coffee shop I’d visited in Leeds. This was over a decade ago, as a somewhat lost eighteen year old wanting a little place on the internet to talk about the things she loved. I’ve continued to do that into my late twenties across various different platforms and here we are today with a fresh new “Zoella” and I could not be more excited about it .

I’ve always said this will be my “forever” space.

I’ve always said this space will be my “forever” space. Other social medias come and go, but will always be here. Although I’ve fallen in and out of love with it over the years, poured every spare moment into it, then abandoned it for long periods of time, I know it will be the first and last place for sharing the things I love and want to document.

If you’re following the Zoella Instagram account, you’ll know that we’ve created more of a community and have expanded on what started as just my casual musings and lush hauls, to the things that not only I share a passion in, but the incredible team behind everything “Zoella” do too. Together, we want to produce even more content for people to enjoy.

There will be plenty of home interiors, food and sugar-filled baking, beauty, style, travel, books and lot’s of lifestyle. One thing we loved doing on the Instagram account is our Tuesday Takeovers, having people sharing their stories and educating others in areas that we show huge interest and passion in but might not have the knowledge to fully divulge in ourselves and we want to allow them this space to share too.

Get cosy and enjoy clicking through all the content!

So, in my absolute FAVOURITE time of year, as the feeling of change is in the air, and the leaves are changing hues of red and brown, I bring you the new “”. Sign up to the newsletter, get cosy and enjoy clicking through all the content!

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Awesome blog post. Love the new layout and your other posts too.


wagwan Kat I couldn’t agree more


Love this website so far !!! Can’t wait for all the upcoming posts, so, so proud xx


I’m so excited for this!!!!!


Love this so much, so excited to have a look around and for all the christmas content!!


Love, love, love! Not kidding you, I’ve been refreshing the page since the morning. If you saw a crazy Romanian person in your analytics for hours, it was me, lol. Worth it! I love the new look and the autumnal aesthetics! Zoe always has her way to make me feel excited for the present moment. Can’t wait to see your next posts!


Absolutely LOVE the new website. Congratulations on the launch. Can’t wait for all the creative stuff you’ll be sharing with us in this space. I’m especially looking forward to mental health content and baking recipes.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this blog. I love the content and layout and you as a person. Your team is incredible as we all can see on ig-storys.
Thank you for encouraging so many people to be just the way they want to be 🙂


Website is looking fabulous
Can’t wait to read all the content


Love love love!
Congrats on an amazing website Zoe & the team ❤️


Looks Fab, I’m glad blogs are coming back big time. Favourite time of year for me aswell.


Love this so much, so happy for you Zo, x


Very exciting seeing the website back and running again


Love the new website❤


Excited, your an inspiration

Eve Martha

Love the new website so much! Congratulations 🙂 x


Love 😍😍😍


Love, love, love it! xoxo from Holland

Chris H.

Can’t wait for more!


Already love the content❤️❤️ These are so amazing and festive. Can’t wait for more posts!


Oh I’m so excited for you to launch your blog/website again! I just feel like we got a little piece of the old cosy you back. Not that I don’t love you now, or the person you have become, I do. And your still the most ‘coziest’ youtuber I know. (can’t wait for vlogmass, have been watching the old ones back for months now and saved my favorite (2015) for this month! hihi) But in this time I feel like lots of youtubers that started of as bloggers, one by one all stop(ped) their blogs. And i’m a bit old school and actually still like reading blogs. Although lots of people try to implement that on their instagrams, it’s just not the same. I’m excited to come back all the time and catch up on new articles. Especially the lifestyle & baking ones around Christmas!
Congrats to all of the team!

Ps: I secretly hope you put back the christmas lights / snowflakes falling over the screen on the blog in december, hihi 🙂


I’m so excited for this!!!!!!!!!


Welcome back!


The layout and design ist FABULOUS! I love it so much! So excited about the new content ❤️


I’m so happy this page is active again. Social media can be so hectic and I often think of the “old days” of the internet with longing. I love reading longer written content, looking at beautiful pictures and reading everyone’s comments. This website makes me really happy and I feel like “old school” blogs will totally become a thing again because people want to go to one page where they know they will love everything posted. Yay Team Zoella! Congrats on the new site!


Lovely job Zoe and team, so excited for another outlet to keep up with you all! ❤️

Iwan Carrington

Congrats Zoe! This is looking fab 🙂 Mr C x


It’s wonderful. I love everything, posts, colours, layout. Congratulations from Italy


It’s really nice seeing the website fresh and ready for the upcoming season 🙂 can’t wait for new posts and congratulations on the launch!


Loving the website! ✨🐝✨


So happy for you! Glad to have these good reads again! ♥️♥️


So excited for this new layout. Immediately subscribed because I do not want to miss anything!! ♥️


I’m excited to see the new content! I still remember the old site with the fairy lights and autumnal feel. Great new design 🙂

Anika |


Ah, I forgot about Schoee! I remember being confused why it was called that at first haha. Here since those days and so proud of you, girl ❤️


Girl, I remember all iterations of this online space and I am in LOVE with this new glo-up haha! I had a bit of a fangirl on my IG story about all the beautiful new branding and intuitive features! <3

Trinity king

Congratulations on the sparkling new ( re -vamped) website. As with everything you do, its amazing. X

Angaihi chawngthu



This is so exciting!!! I’ve followed you since the very early days and absolutely loved seeing how you and your brand have evolved over the years! Congratulations on the new website 😍 it’s bloody stunning! Xx


I had your Schoee (how you said your name as a kid – I’m mildly horrified/delighted at the fact that I have held onto this knowledge about a person I have never met) blogspot bookmarked – you were one of my favorites then & continue to be today. Thank you for being so lovely and genuine and YOURSELF through all of these years. You’re a bright light in what can sometimes seem like a dark world & I know I am not the only one who is grateful for you.

Sending love & light from Chicago <3

Ava Rose

Love it! X


I LOVE this!! Beautiful pictures, lovely content and good vibes ❤️❤️ So excited to see more!


omg! I can’t believe it’s actually here!


Well done Zoe and team. This website looks amazing.


Love this! Would also love some conversational posts on confidence, career, mental health etc

Vivianna James

I’M SO SO SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY FOR YOUR NEW LAUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! been waiting for new updates since the VERY last post.


Congratulations on your new website! It looks incredible! I’m so happy you’re back blogging


Love the new blog so far! Glad you’re back here!


Welcome back to the blogging world ❤❤

Алёна Попёнова

Omg it’s brilliant
Thank you!!!
Love you xx


This new layout and post is amazing! I can not wait for more post all about your favorite things!


This absolutely warms my heart reading this, and I cannot wait to turn to this blog to help inspire me whenever I’m in need of inspiration!

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