Food: What’s In Season This Month

‘Tis the season for cosy comfort food and hearty soups jam-packed with all the veggie goodness. Bring on fragrant curries, regal roasts and wholesome stews. We want a carb fest and we want it now.

There’s no easier way to make the most of the seasonal superfoods than by packing them into your favourite Autumn recipes. We see you five a day and we raise you!

Produce always tastes its best when it’s in season.

Produce always tastes its best when it’s in season, so knowing what’s cream of the crop this month will help you decide what to pull up from your veggie patches or add onto your pantry food shop. Luckily, Autumn really delivers the goods when it comes to versatile root veg. This month, you can find:

Carrots (end of season) | Parsnips | Cabbage | Cauliflower | Leeks | Sweetcorn (end of season) | Potatoes | Butternut squash | Rosemary | Thyme | Garlic | Broccoli (end of season) | Artichoke (globe)| Beetroot | Brussels Sprouts | Spring Greens | Celery | Fennel (end of season) | Lettuce | Marrow | Runner Beans | Pumpkin | Rocket (end of season) | Watercress | Swede (until mid-October) | Celeriac | Wild mushrooms (coming into season) | Courgettes (end of season) | Turnip (coming into season) | Chicory | Horseradish | Kale | Spinach | Kohlrabi

There’s a plethora of delicious, easy to make and bake recipes out there to try but here’s a few of our go-to dishes for those wonderfully slow and chilly days:

Nigella’s Cauliflower, Garlic and Turmeric Soup | Jamie’s Roast Squash, Sage, Chestnut and Pancetta Risotto | Madeleine’s Butternut Squash and Cashew Carbonara | Helmsley & Helmsley’s Chicken, Leek & Mushroom Pie

What could be better than hunkering down on the sofa with a steaming bowl of roast squash risotto or creamy cauliflower and turmeric soup and a crunchy French stick for dipping? Sign. Us. Up. It wouldn’t be Autumn without an indulgent pumpkin-based sweet treat either, would it? Here’s a few scrumptious dessert plates to tickle your taste buds:

Nigella’s Pumpkin Cheesecake | BBC’s Hidden Bulb Cake | Jamie’s Pumpkin Pie | The Happy Foodie’s Spiced Pumpkin Squares

What are you looking forward to rustling up in the kitchen this Autumn?