Book Club: Becoming

The author of this Zoella Book Club read needs no introduction! Michelle Obama’s Becoming was one of the most hotly anticipated books of the year, so we had to add it to our reading list.

The memoir of the former first lady starts at her roots and describes how she found her voice, her role as a mother and of course her time in the white house. Find our reviews below and take a look out our latest Zoella Book Club pick here.

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This is on my list to read!
Brianna |


I am dependent on what my local public library has in, so I am a bit behind in joining! But I have finally had the chance to read Becoming by Michelle Obama and wish I had picked this book up sooner! President Obama was in office during a time period in my life where I didn’t follow politics and was angry with Michelle when she took away my favorite snack machine at school. Let’s just say I wasn’t her biggest fan during the rest of Obama’s presidency. I am happy to finally say I got over my childish anger and opened up to learn who Michelle Obama is as a person and not how the media in the States portrayed her as. I really enjoyed learning about how she grew up and was an accomplished lawyer before Obama ran for president. I thought it was going to be hard reading, little nervous that I was going to get bored, but I was captivated by her story and how well it was written.

Great Pick!

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